5 Ways & Tips to Curb Hunger Cravings

5 Ways & Tips to Curb Hunger Cravings

By: Dan Graziano, Co-Founder MightyMeals & Personal Trainer

We have all experienced food and hunger cravings at some point in our lives, especially during stressful times, holidays, parties, or moments that bring on emotional or binge eating. Unfortunately, it’s usually unhealthy foods, bad snacks, empty carbs, or sugary sweets that draw us in. There are reasons for our hunger cravings and ways to avoid giving into them. Here are five simple ways to kick cravings to the curb. 

1. Fill Up on Protein

Protein has been scientifically proven to be the most filling food source. It is more effective than most foods in keeping you full longer and satisfying hunger and cravings.  

 “This is partly because protein reduces your level of the hunger hormone ghrelin. It also boosts the levels of peptide YY, a hormone that makes you feel full.

These effects on appetite can be powerful. In one study, increasing protein intake from 15% to 30% of calories made overweight women eat 441 fewer calories each day without intentionally restricting anything.”

If you are looking to lose weight or get rid of belly fat, try replacing some of your carbs and fats with healthy, lean proteins. The best lean protein sources are turkey, chicken, lean beef, beans, salmon, tuna, tofu, low-fat milk, quinoa, edamame, and plain yogurt. 

TIP: Use our macronutrient filter to find the right protein, calorie, carb, and healthy fat freshly-made meals for you. Go to our menu and click on FILTER BY MACRO. 

2. Plan your Meals and What you Eat

Our lives can be overstressed and rushed, making it too easy to grab the fastest food nearby or whatever someone puts in front of us. Not having a plan for what you should eat, cook, or order opens the door to bad eating habits and unhealthy food cravings. It may sound hard to plan your meals and what you eat but, if you follow these tips, it can be simple:


– Before you eat, know what healthy food options are available. Most restaurants offer healthy options or substitutions. 

 – Carry healthy snacks with you when traveling or on the go. 

– Distance yourself from the foods you crave. Meaning, leave them at the grocery store and don’t bring them home.

 – Eliminate meal prep time and have pre-made healthy meals and snacks ready to eat at a craving’s notice. Give our meals a try. All of our fresh, chef-prepared meals are full of craving crushing healthy ingredients from local sources. Find over 100 meal-prepped meals here.  

3. Avoid Stress 

Stress often depletes our mind and body of energy and nutrients without us even realizing it. Our mind and body react by creating cravings for unhealthy simple carbs/sugars and unhealthy fats. And rightly so. Our body is doing its job in telling us the fastest way to instantly replenish lost energy–through simple carbs. Unfortunately, these are usually the worst for us in the long run. Avoid putting your body and mind into stress mode in the first place by avoiding these sources of stress: lack of sleep; not drinking enough water; consuming too much alcohol, sugar, or simple carbs; and lack of exercise.  

 TIP: If you need fitness motivation and fun ways to release stress, try out one of our partner gyms, personal trainers, health coaches, and fitness gurus. Find out all about them in our Partner Spotlight blogs.  

4. Avoid Simple Sugars/Carbs

Simple carbohydrates–or simple sugars–contain one or two sugar molecules. This makes them easier to digest and absorb when compared to complex carbs. They create instant energy and blood sugar spikes–fast energy sources–but this does not last long. When the boost from these sources drops, so does our energy, and back we go to craving them again. To prevent these unhealthy cravings, avoid foods that contain simple carbs: raw sugar, brown sugar, corn syrup, and high-fructose corn syrup, glucose, fructose, sucrose, and any fruit juice concentrate. These are often found in soda, desserts, baked goods, packaged snacks/cookies, fruit juice, and cereals. 

TIP: Looking for healthy treats to satisfy your sweet tooth? Try any of these Mighty Bite cookiesor Berg Bite treats. They are full of complex carbs, plant protein, essential omega-three fats but are low in sugar, dairy-free, vegan, and gluten-free. Bye, bye, sugar spikes! Can they get any better?

5. Consume Complex Carbs

Our body’s primary source of energy is carbs. If we eat don’t eat enough, our body sends us a craving for those fast-acting but unhealthy simple carbs again. To combat this, eat complex carbs instead. Our bodies digest complex carbs more slowly, which makes them more filling. Complex carbs are also higher in fiber–another food source that is digested slowly–making you feel full throughout the day. Many fiber sources are also prebiotic, feeding the good bacteria in your gut. And complex carbs are higher in nutrients. Some of the best sources of complex carbs are most vegetables, asparagus, whole grains (like oats, buckwheat, brown rice, barley, quinoa), wheat bran, beans, lentils, berries, seeds (chia, flaxseeds), and some fruits (bananas, and apples. 

TIP: Keep quinoa on hand. Quinoa is one of the healthiest and most nutritious foods on this earth. It is high in fiber, minerals, antioxidants and includes all nine essential amino acids. We feature many chef-prepared meals with quinoa. 

Let MightyMeals help YOU make healthy eating easy! Check out our rotating menu of more than 100 options, including prepared meals, A La Carte, and MightyKids!

How to Stay on Track During the Holidays

How to Stay on Track During the Holidays

By: Erica Hanner, Erica Jade Health

As the holiday season approaches, so do the parties, food, drinks, and festivities. It can sometimes seem like a never-ending stream of appetizers, desserts, candy, and other goodies inviting us to overeat. Then after we overindulge, we sometimes create our own feelings of guilt and shame. A lot of people struggle with negative feelings towards food and themselves. In the past, I felt these same feelings of regret as I gravitated towards sweets and overindulged my cravings. I want you to know that you don’t have to feel that way, and there is a way to overcome those feelings so you can enjoy festive foods and every holiday!

Toss Out Food Guilt and Shame

The holidays are meant to be enjoyed with friends and family, and yes, that includes food and drinks! I’ve learned so much as a holistic health coach. I am so grateful to have transitioned my nutrition into a guilt-free and delicious relationship instead of one full of worry or endless calorie counting. You can still have a slice of pie, dessert, or some cookies. It won’t derail you. Treat yourself. Everything is allowed in moderation. And, please do not shame yourself or feel guilty. You can always get back on track the next day or during the week ahead, as long as you have a plan to do so.

TIP: If everything looks too good to pass up, try taking several small samples instead of entire servings. And, don’t feel like you have to eat the whole piece just because you put it on your plate–it’s ok to toss the rest out. Or, pace yourself if time allows and save dessert for later or bring it home and save it for the next day.

Stick to a Healthy Eating Plan: Before, During, & After

Before the Party:

When prepping dishes during the week for a weekend party, make sure to have healthy choices readily available for your mid-week meals and snacks. Having fast and easy snacks on hand is always a great idea, like fresh fruits, veggies, protein bars, or nuts. One of my favorite ways to stay on track is to get chef-prepared meals from MightyMeals. They create healthy meals that are delivered fresh to your door! This saves me time and takes the stress out of cooking and eating during the holidays. MightyMeals has several delicious options on their menu, including vegan, gluten free, and even kid-friendly meals called MightyKids. They are all wonderful but one of my favorites is the Vegan Mediterranean Bowl.

TIP: Eating healthy and staying on track also keeps you on the road to a healthy gut. See my blog 5 Ways to Support Gut Health and how a healthy gut helps reduce anxiety and depression–mental health issues that often increase during the holidays.

During the Party:

Before you arrive at the event, have a plan that doesn’t include guilt or shame. Start by loading your plate up with healthy nutrients such as greens, whole grains, veggies, and healthy proteins. After you are done, fill in the space left with less healthy options, like dessert or chips and dip. This will allow you to feel better about your food decisions and help you avoid carb overload and experiencing sugar crashes a few hours later.

TIP: If you know that the party won’t have many healthy options, offer to bring one! This can also help friends and family get started with their own healthier eating habits.

After the Party:

First: Don’t step on the scale too soon! Indulging the day before will cause the scale to go up a few pounds due to inflammation and bloating from the less healthy foods. So don’t stress! That immediate weight gain is mostly water weight. With enough water and healthy, fiber-filled foods, the bloat will go away after a few days.

Second: Get back on track. Make your next meal nutrient- and fiber-filled and schedule your next physical activity session. With simple planning and healthy choices, you will find yourself back on track in no time.

Third: Whatever you indulge in, make sure you enjoy it and yourself. Remember that moderation is essential but, so is living your life to its fullest. You deserve to have your happiness and joy!

TIP: Add physical activity to your plan, if you can. After your meal, go for a walk with friends and family or start an annual soccer match or football game. Everyone will enjoy it!

Vegan Mediterranean Bowl

Erica’s Favorite MightyMeals: Vegan Mediterranean Bowl

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Partner Spotlight: SoldierFit Sterling

Partner Spotlight: SoldierFit Sterling

By: Christine Bean

This week, we caught up with SoldierFit Sterling’s owner, Harry Santucci, and GM, Brandon Christ, to learn more about their unique, military-style fitness culture, and why they’ve relied on MightyMeals to fuel their athletes and themselves! 

How did SoldierFit Sterling get its start? 

Harry: SoldierFit was founded in 2007 in Gaithersburg, MD by Danny Farrar, an Army Veteran. He originally ran the bootcamps outside, and I found them in 2012 when they began indoor classes in a small, rented space in Frederick, MD. I went in for a free class and loved the workout and the culture, so I joined. In 2013, they opened up their first standalone facility, a 10,000 sq ft gym in Frederick.  They announced a couple years later that they were going to begin franchising, and I bought the first franchise.  SoldierFit Sterling opened its doors on July 1, 2016.    

What makes SoldierFit Sterling unique?

Harry: We are a military-inspired fitness brand, which is unique in itself. There are no mirrors in the gym and everyone wears the same uniform, a “Troop” shirt as we call it, to encourage camaraderie. We offer 154 unique classes each month in our 10,000 square foot workout facility, and we have a 3,000 square foot open access gym, as well.  

Brandon: There is an immense amount of value in our membership, every class is different and everyone that works out with us feels that they are a part of something bigger.  Everyone achieves results, they just have to show-up! We have a wide variety of fitness levels in each class, and our instructors scale the workout depending on each person’s fitness level.  Everyone who joins has the intention of becoming a better version of themselves and gives it their all.

How did you get connected to MightyMeals?

Harry- Years ago, we tried a different meal delivery service and were not too pleased. One day in 2018, I googled “meal prep in Northern VA,” and MightyMeals caught my eye. I sent in a request, and MightyMeals’ co-founder Dan Graziano called me the next day. He really set the tone from there. I felt very comfortable and confident that they’d be able to deliver, and they have. 

Brandon: We’ve loved seeing the growth of MightyMeals since we started using them in 2018. You can tell it is a very well-run company, and it’s been fun to see the progression of larger delivery vans, new menu items, etc.   I’ve been ordering the meals consistently for myself ever since that day in 2018, and it’s been an integral part of my bodybuilding experience.

How does MightyMeals benefit your members?

Harry: At SoldierFit, we have the fitness component handled, but nutrition is an integral part of our clients’ health, as well. MightyMeals is fresh, affordable, nutritious, and we truly appreciate that the meals arrive on time and the orders are always accurate. The menu selection continues to evolve and our members are very pleased with the variety. W 

Grassfed Beef Lasagna

What’s your favorite MightyMeal?

Harry: Well, it may be because of my Italian heritage, but I love the Grassfed Beef Lasagna.

Brandon: The All American Breakfast is totally my favorite dish. Breakfast is my favorite meal, so I often eat this on weekend mornings. I hate cooking, and thanks to MightyMeals I haven’t really cooked a thing in 2 years!

Connect with SoldierFit Sterling

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Top 6 Farmers Market Tips

Top 6 Farmers Market Tips

By: Erica Hanner, Erica Jade Health

Here are my top 6 tips on how to shop your local farmers market for the healthiest in-season produce to make your tummy smile and improve your health.

1. Research and Plan

I suggest making a plan and doing some research before you go to your local farmers market. This will allow you to enjoy the farmers market even more. You may find fresh locally roasted coffee, crafts, gifts, freshly cooked-to-order meals, hot cider, a kombucha vendor, or live entertainment by your favorite local band. Set aside enough time for yourself enough time to enjoy them all. You can also make it a social event and meet up with friends and family (make sure everyone utilizes safe COVID-19 practices).

2. Bring Ideas and Take Notes

Before you go, pack your recipes and healthy cooking ideas, new or family favorites! If you do a little research before you go, you can find the ingredients you need and make them more amazing by getting them at their tastiest. If you see something new and exciting, pick it up, or create a note about it for next time. One thing I suggest to my health coach clients is to try one new food per week. This will expand your palate as well as widening your nutrient intake. All good things!

3. Shop Local

When you shop for locally grown produce, you get fresher products that taste better and have more nutrients. As produce ages, it loses nutrients. According to a University of California paper, vegetables lose between 15 and 77 percent of their vitamin C within a week of harvest. Since farmers markets feature everything in season, it is fresher than what you can find in a typical grocery store. It is typically grown within a 100-mile radius so that you know it is some of the freshest foods and nutrients around. If you are not sure if something is local and fresh, just ask.

4. Get There Early

If you can get to your local farmers market early, do it! It is so worth it! You will find the best picks of the day before everyone else scoops them up. Don’t forget to bring reusable, eco-friendly bags, and make sure to bring extra. I always find interesting things I want to try and have regretted not having enough bags to fit it all in. Getting there early also means fewer people, easier parking, and more time to ask the vendors questions.

5. Choose Colorful and Darker Foods

When you eat the rainbow, you get more benefits. So, pick a wide variety of colorful fruits and veggies, and go for dark green leafy vegetables. The darker ones have more phytonutrients and higher antioxidants believed to help fight disease. Learn more from my 5 Ways to Support Gut Health blog.

6. Talk to the Food Experts

The farmers themselves (or their staff) are often at the market presenting their delicious produce. They are the real foodie experts. They know the best recipes and how to store them to keep them fresh. They can confirm if their products are organic, even if they are not advertising it. It takes years to become Certified USDA Organic, so many companies may not have this designation, but they can still be organic. You can also ensure if they are the direct source. Sometimes items can be sold by third parties and have more of a markup, so check the labels and ask questions. And, after you become a regular, the vendor may even put your favorite farmers market finds aside if you can’t make it there early the next time! Or, you may be asked to be one of their taste testers (YUM!).

If you are looking for more guidance, I offer in-person or virtual farmers market tours. If you don’t have a farmers market local to you, we can do a grocery/health food store tour, or healthy cooking lessons. I would love to be your virtual or in-person holistic health coach! Schedule your free health consultation with me today, and let’s find your path to your happiest and healthiest you!

Mediterranean POWER Bowl

Erica’s Favorite MightyMeals: Mediterranean Power Bowl

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7 Surprising Effects Fall Weather Can Have on Your Body

Are you as excited about Fall as we are? With the fresh crisp air, the beautiful colors and all the pumpkin-spice coffee you could possible drink what’s not to love? Did you know that the change in seasons can also do incredible things for your health?  Here’s why the Fall season is the best time to improve both your mental and physical health.

Autumn Health Perk #1: Your Sleep Will Grow Deeper

In the autumn, sunrise comes later, and sunset comes earlier every single day.  The dip in available sunlight triggers different adjustments in our bodies’ circadian rhythms, which will reset to make you sleepy earlier.  It’s also been proven that lower temperatures help us sleep better, so just crack your window on a cool fall night for the best sleep ever.

Autumn Health Perk #2: Fall Colors Promote Mental Health

When you’re feeling “down,” there’s no faster way to pick up your mood than to step outside.  Not only does a hit of Vitamin D do incredible things for our serotonin levels, but there’s something innately soothing about being in the fresh air and looking at nature.  In autumn, when the landscape is especially beautiful and colorful, the sight of bright leaves will dramatically and immediately boost your happiness and mental health. Go for a hike in the mountains, walk in the park, get outside and go Forest Bathing: https://thrive.kaiserpermanente.org/thrive-together/live-well/forest-bathing-try

Autumn Health Perk #3: Seasonal Spices Improve Overall Wellness

You can’t have autumn comfort food without plenty of ginger, cinnamon, and nutmeg.  Fortunately, all three of these spices are delicious, and they improve your whole-body health. Nutmeg has germ-killing properties, ginger improves the circulation, and cinnamon is linked to lower inflammation levels! Try adding some to your coffee or tea.

Autumn Health Perk #4: Say Goodbye to Brain Fog

“Brain fog” is a general term for malaise and fuzzy-headed feelings that affects all of us from time to time. In the summer, it’s easy to feel brain-fogged from the heat, but the crisp clear air of fall does wonders for clearing the cobwebs.  It might be a bit of placebo effect, but lots of people find that the cold fall air helps break up the fog and get their brains going again!

Autumn Health Perk #5: You’ll Get Out More

We normally associate getting outside with the summer, but just think — how many summer days do you spend in the A/C, trying to avoid the stifling heat?  In the autumn, you might not be hitting the beach, but you’re much more likely to go hiking or walking, play a round of golf, or engage in a game of touch-football with friends. All of that built-in exercise is more appealing because of the lovely weather, and it can improve your metabolism and your overall health.

Autumn Health Perk #6: It Brings Us Together

On a cold night, with the frost just gathering on the glass, is there anything better than snuggling up under a blanket with a loved one and watching a movie?  Whether you’re cozying up to your partner, your kids, your pets — or some combination of the three — there’s nothing more comforting than a fall night in.  Plus, all of that physical contact boosts our oxytocin levels, and makes us bond more closely with the people we’re hibernating with!

Autumn Health Perk #7: There’s Lots To Look Forward To

We all love Thanksgiving, Halloween, and shopping for holiday presents in the fall, but there’s one thing we love even more: anticipating all of those activities.  It’s true that humans derive more pleasure from anticipating a fun activity than they do from actually doing it. Fall is great for this because you have so much to plan and look forward to, which makes us happy and boosts our serotonin levels for the most contented season of them all!

ABOUT EMP180°EMP180° offers personalized nutrition and weight loss programs designed to help individuals and entire families permanently change their health. Our highly trained nutrition coaches work with clients to help them transform their eating habits, achieve and maintain a target weight. We then provide life-long support, critical to maintaining a healthy lifestyle and optimal health long-term. For more information, please visit https://www.emp180weightloss.com.

The Mighty Bite: A MightyMeals and Berg Bites Collaboration

The Mighty Bite: A MightyMeals and Berg Bites Collaboration

By: Christine Bean

MightyMeals and Berg Bites have teamed-up to bring their customers the ultimate high protein cookie, The Mighty Bite. With only 1 gram of natural sugar and 16 grams of plant protein, this delicious grab-and-go snack gives you a healthy energy boost and will satisfy your sweet tooth without the glucose spike. “MightyMeals has been a huge supporter of us for the past three years, and we’ve always discussed collaborating in this way, but this idea really came to fruition about 4 months ago,” says Berg Bites owner Daniel Berg. “Once we realized that we had the capability to create a sugar-free, high protein cookie, both MightyMeals’ co-owner Stefano Marzano and I knew that this would be the perfect fit for both of our markets.” 

The Mighty Bite delivers long-term energy with complex carbohydrates from heart healthy oats, essential fatty acids from nuts, chia seeds and coconut oil, and prebiotic fiber for gut health. “It’s a really cool thing that we are two local companies, both health food providers, and we found a way to piggyback on each other to easily share clients without stepping on each other’s toes,” remarked Stefano. Both Daniel and Stefano agree that creating the name “The Mighty Bite” was a “massive deal” that really showcases how the two businesses continue to support each other through this collaboration.

What’s in The Mighty Bite?!

  • 16G Plant Protein (From Premium Pea Protein)
  • 1G Natural Sugar (From all natural sweeteners)
  • 10G Prebiotic Fiber
  • 12G Net Carbs (from heart healthy oats)
  • Dairy Free & Gluten Free

A lot of competitor analysis went into the creation of The Mighty Bite, according to Daniel. “We checked out our competition and noticed a common theme; we would find a cookie that contained 16 grams of protein, but also contained 16 grams of added sugar. Not only is it unhealthy, it just tastes artificial.” Instead, The Mighty Bite contains 1 gram of allulose, which is a rare sugar that is found naturally in figs, raisins, maple syrup and brown sugar. 

Free from preservatives, The Mighty Bite is made with clean, raw ingredients, ensuring that you are getting the most nutrient-dense product.  Two different varieties are currently being offered, Almond Butter Banana Chocolate and Peanut Butter Chocolate, both made with premium, all-natural, dark chocolate. Be sure to add one to your next MightyMeals order today, it just may become your new favorite pre-workout snack!

Learn more about Berg Bites and Daniel Berg in our Partner Spotlight: Berg Bites

Connect with Berg Bites: Follow Berg Bites on Facebook and Instagram to stay up-to-date!

Gut Health & The Top 5 Ways to Support It

Gut Health & The Top 5 Ways to Support It

By: Erica Hanner

Your gut is like your second brain. If it is not happy and out of balance, it can lead to depression, anxiety, a lowered immune system, and many other disorders. The system in your gut responsible for all of this is called the enteric nervous system (ENS). Its two thin layers of more than 100 million nerve cells help drive digestion, mood, health, and even the way you think. No wonder we feel butterflies in our stomach and get sick when this system is run down! The good news is that the best way to support a healthy gut is through eating food – the right ones.  

Sweet Potatoes

1. Avoid/Limit Processed Sugars, Carbs & Alcohol

One of the reasons I became a holistic health coach was due to my struggles with anxiety. I discovered many studies about how sugar caused my mood to swing, giving me that rush and then crashing. When you add in bad carbs and alcohol, they turn into even more sugar (glucose), making things even worse, especially if they both contain even more sugars and carbs! This cycle can increase your chance for depression and weaken your response to stress, among many other unwanted side effects. But I can help! Your body may not like that you are withdrawing from sugar, and you can experience more anxiety, confusion, or fatigue. But, patience, education, and the right food will get you to your happiest place! Some of my favorite sugary food replacements are sweet potatoes, berries, high-quality protein bars, and dark chocolate – many of these also contain polyphenols! More about that later.  

2. Add Food-Based Probiotics

Good, quality supplements are a great way to get beneficial probiotics into your gut microbiome – the system of trillions of good bacteria, fungi, and other microbes that help manage your digestion and immune system. However, the best way to support your gut with probiotics is through fermented foods. Some of the best probiotic, fermented foods to choose are kombucha, kimchi, kefir, and yogurt. Make sure they say “raw” or are produced without heat, which can lessen their strength and benefits.  

3. Add More Fiber

Fiber doesn’t only contribute to weight loss and disease prevention. Not surprisingly, it helps our gut as well by feeding the good bacteria microbes! This helps them thrive, create more microbes, and a stronger barrier wall in our intestines. This strong wall helps lower inflammation and improve digestion. And, a strong intestinal wall is one of the best ways to fix a leaky gut!  

The best fiber sources are non-processed seasonal fruits and vegetables from local sources, such as kale, carrots, and beets. The darker the color usually means higher fiber content and more.  

4. Eat Your Veggies: Eat the Rainbow

You’ve probably heard “eat your veggies” numerous times, and for many good reasons already stated. But did you know that the color or fruits and veggies often signifies what types of nutrients they contain, and how much? Orange and yellow fruits get their color from the antioxidants alpha- and beta-carotene. Many vegetables with an underlying or pronounced purple/blue hue (like eggplant and kale) contain high levels of phytochemicals – believed to protect cells from damage that can lead to cancer. So, do your best to include every color of the rainbow in order to get every nutrient required for a great gut! 

5. Eat More Polyphenols

Polyphenols are micronutrients – essential elements our bodies need – that come from plant-based foods. These vitamins and minerals are required for healthy development, disease prevention, and overall well-being. Several studies have found that seasonings (cloves, star anise, and dried peppermint), cocoa powder, and dark chocolate rank as some of the richest sources of polyphenols. Berries, non-berry fruits, beans, beans, nuts, vegetables, soy, black and green tea, and red wine are some other foods that also make this yummy list!  

Finding my way back to a healthy gut and overcoming anxiety was not always easy but, it was one of the best things I’ve ever done, mentally and physically. It’s also something anyone can do, even if they need help. I love supporting people as a virtual health coach and through my personal training and holistic health coaching. If you need support, sign up for a free consultation and for my newsletter on my website at www.ericajadehealth.com. Remember, keeping a healthy gut is key to a healthy brain, and good mental health. Don’t forget to mark your calendar for World Mental Health Day on October 10, 2020 and join me in supporting everyone that needs it!

Mediterranean POWER Bowl

Erica’s Favorite MightyMeals: Mediterranean Power Bowl

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Sample Macronutrient Meal Plans For A High Carb, Low Carb and Keto Diet

Ask yourself what will take you further in your fitness journey: understanding why nutrient dense foods and exercise will help you reach your goals, or actually eating those foods and getting to the gym? 

That’s what this blog is about, focusing on moving from concept to application. In my previous blog, Counting Macros 101, I went over establishing macros based on your goals; below I am going to provide some sample meal plans that fit those macronutrient guidelines.

Below I have outlined sample meal plans and tips to hit three of the most popular dieting methods that are based on a macronutrient structure: High Carb Diet, Low Carb Diet, and Ketogenic Diet (Keto). I have used 1800 calories as a baseline for each day; if you aren’t sure where to start from a calorie standpoint, refer back to Counting Macros 101. Scroll through, and remember, the most important step is APPLICATION; try them out!

      • Protein: 30%
      • Carbs: 50%
      • Fat: 20%


      1. Focus on featuring low-fat proteins like chicken breast, cod, shrimp, lean ground turkey, and egg whites. 
        *Did you know you can filter by protein on the eatmightymeals.com website?
      2. Pair your proteins with vegetables and carbohydrate sources like brown rice, sweet potato, ezekiel toast, and quinoa.
        *Try using some of the bulk carb and veggie options on eatmightymeals.com to make your life easy!
      3. Focus on meals and snacks low in fat.
        *Try using the Filter by Macro tool on our website and setting grams of fat from 0-10. MightyMeals has over 20 meals with less than 10 grams of fat!



1.5 Cups Egg Whites w/ Veggies of choice

0.5 Cups Oatmeal w/ Cinnamon

0.5 Cups Blueberries 



2 Tbsp. Peanut Butter

1 Container Greek Yogurt

Shredded Buffalo Chicken


MightyMeals Shredded Buffalo Chicken


6 oz. MightyMeals Bulk Shrimp

1 Cup MightyMeals Bulk Roasted Red Potatoes

1 Cup Veggies of Choice

      • Protein: 40%
      • Carbs: 20%
      • Fats: 40%


      1. Focus on featuring fattier proteins like ground beef, steak, eggs, and salmon.
        *Bulk salmon, bistro steak, and southwestern egg bites would be great bulk options on our menu.
      2. Pair your proteins with healthy fats like avocado, oils and oil-based dressings, nuts and nut butters.
        *Our bulk arugula pesto is a healthy-fat-based condiment to hit your macros and liven up your meal prep.
      3. Focus on meals and snacks low in carbs.
        *Try using our Filter by Macro tool on our website and select “Low Carb” to see over 20 menu options with less than 25 grams of carbs.



MightyMeals Low Carb Breakfast



2 Tbsp. Peanut Butter

Chicken and Spaghetti Squash Primavera


8 oz. Skirt Steak

½ Avocado

1 Cup Sauteed Peppers and Onions w/ 0.5  tbsp. Olive Oil


MightyMeals Chicken and Spaghetti Squash Primavera

      1. Protein: 25% 
      2. Carbs: 10%
      3. Fats: 65%


      1. Focus on eating fatty proteins like steak, ground beef, eggs, bacon, and salmon and cooking them with generous portions of  butter, EVOO, and/or oil.
        Flank Steak, Salmon, and Bacon & Cheddar Egg Bites are great options from our A La Carte menu.
      2. Add healthy fats to all of your meals and snacks to meet the high demand of fat associated with this diet. Adding oils, oil-based dressings, oil-based condiments, avocado and nuts and nut butters to meals will aid in meeting Keto macros.
      3. Avoid carbs as much as possible. Vegetables will serve as your carbohydrate source.
        *Try our
        Filter by Macro tool on our website and set carbs from “0-10”. MightyMeals has over 20 options with less than 10 grams of carbs on our menu.



3 Pcs. MightyMeals Bulk Bacon & Cheddar Egg Bites

½ Avocado


0.5 Cups Almonds


6 oz. Grilled Chicken Thigh

½  Avocado

1 Cup Veggies of Choice w/ 0.5 Tbsp. Butter


MightyMeals Chicken Cobb Salad


I hope these sample meal plans give you an idea of what a day of fitting your macros looks like. I encourage you to take action and put one of these examples into place. The best day to start was yesterday; so, start today!

About Chase McKesey: Chase McKesey, founder of TrophyBody Personal Training, grew up in Springfield, Virginia where his youth revolved around year-round sports. At the end of his athletic career, Chase severely missed the competition, comradery, as well as the physical and mental challenges that sport had provided him for so long. Fitness soon filled this void. The lessons learned on the field and the court translated into his workouts and eventually into his coaching. Like sports, everything in the gym was earned; never given. Chase believed strength, long-lasting health, and longevity can only be achieved through consistent effort and perseverance; much like a trophy at the end of championship season. On this principle, TrophyBody Personal Training was born. Chase was determined to coach and empower those willing to put in the work by putting them in the best possible position to succeed.

Since its inception in 2016, TrophyBody has helped 1,000’s of people earn a relationship with their health that they can wear proudly. TrophyBody has established itself as a community leader in its hometown of Washington D.C. as Chase has taken on health-based initiatives to include Mayor Muriel Bowser’s #FITDC campaign and being named Head Strength Coach for the Washington Redskins Cheerleaders. TrophyBody Online, the newest evolution of TrophyBody, is due early Spring 2020.

Chase’s Favorite MightyMeals Dish: Ropa Vieja

Ropa Vieja

Partner Spotlight: Burn Boot Camp

Partner Spotlight: Burn Boot Camp

By: Christine Bean

We recently caught up with Katie Meyers, franchise owner of Burn Boot Camp, to hear about their brand new facility in Woodbridge, VA, and how they plan to use MightyMeals to fuel their athletes and help them crush their goals. 

How did Burn Boot Camp get its start?

Katie: Burn Boot Camp is a franchise with 266 locations around the nation. The owners are a husband and wife team, Devan and Morgan Kline. Devan was a professional baseball player, and during training camp, he saw a lot of the sponsor mothers taking care of their families and putting themselves last. This inspired him to hold workout sessions for the moms, and it became a huge success.  After being let-go from the team, he decided that his next step would be to open a fitness facility just for moms. So, in 2011 he started Burn Boot Camp in a parking lot in Charlotte, NC with rusty dumbbells and only $600 to his name.  What started out as moms-only turned into women-only, and now we are co-ed and our clientele is families. We focus on empowering women, but we have really evolved and realize it takes a whole family, it takes a village.  Personally, I have been a member of Burn Boot Camp in Wake Forest, NC for a couple of years, and I knew 6 months in that I wanted to be a larger part of this community somehow. Woodbridge was the closest available territory, so I jumped on it. It has been amazing to step back and see the diverse population, all shapes, sizes, levels, join together in a safe and empowering environment.  Everyone has a common goal, pushing to be a better version of themselves and leaving the gym feeling like you can take on the world.  

What makes Burn Boot Camp unique?

Katie: We offer 45 minute camps that are a mix of strength and High Intensity Interval Training, taught by certified personal trainers in a group setting. Membership includes complimentary child watch, 15 minute personal meetings with your trainer to go over meal planning and any questions you may have, and the support of the community. Something that I really love is that everyday is a different workout; you will never do the same workout twice.  We also have our own Burn Nutrition protein powder, and we are releasing our own vegan protein and pre-workout as well.  We have 8 camps throughout the day, however during Covid we have decreased our capacity so time slots must be reserved. 

How did you get connected with Mighty Meals?

Katie: I found MightyMeals co-owner, Dan Graziano, via Instagram, and from there I went on the MightyMeals website because I was intrigued! After speaking with Dan, and reading about the meals, I could tell that the quality of the food was great and this was something that I definitely wanted to offer our clients.  The a la carte offerings are really what sold me when i thought about macros and portion control, and, being a mom myself, I personally love the new MightyKids meals!

How do you think MightyMeals will benefit your members?

Katie: I know that MightyMeals will help our members reach their fitness goals, help them stay on track with nutrition, and will add a factor of convenience by having meals already prepared for themselves and their families. It will also help our trainers as they hold these focus meetings with clients, as they can be confident in knowing that they are recommending meals packed with good, whole foods.  We feel extremely excited to have the opportunity to share this with our members, knowing that our athletes will be able to fuel themselves with proper nutrition which is exactly what MightyMeals is.

Shredded Buffalo Chicken

What’s your favorite MightyMeal?

Katie: Well, I root for the Buffalo Bills, because I married into it, so I would have to say the Shredded Buffalo Chicken. It’s just SO good! 

Connect with Burn Boot Camp

Follow Burn Boot Camp on Facebook or Instagram to stay up-to-date!

About Katie Meyers

Katie and her husband Jordan are the Franchise Partners at Burn Boot Camp Woodbridge. They live in Raleigh, NC with their daughters, Natalie (7), Caroline (3 1/2) and their rescue pup, Tucker (9). Both work in the medical field: Katie is a Registered Nurse and Jordan is a Podiatric Surgeon. Katie joined a local Burn Boot Camp 2 years ago and after her first camp, she was hooked! Then six months later, she expressed interest in opening up her own Burn Boot Camp because of the positive impact she had seen it make not only on her life, but every Burn member’s life. 

Burn Boot Camp offers unlimited 45-minute HIIT camps led by certified personal trainers, and everyday is a different workout. You will never do the same workout twice and they are always challenging mentally and physically. At Burn Boot Camp, we pride ourselves on making every member experience positive. Our team plus the other members are constantly encouraging and supporting each other to be the best version of themselves. With a Burn Boot Camp membership, members have access to our complimentary child watch, 1:1 Focus Meetings with their personal trainers and global membership.

How Do Different Exercises Impact Your Body Composition?

How Do Different Exercises Impact Your Body Composition?

By: EMP 180°

My name is Kim, a certified personal trainer and health coach at EMP 180° Weight Loss. I am passionate about nutrition and education and understand firsthand the importance of living a healthy lifestyle.

When a client comes to me and says they work out a lot, I generally find they are active anywhere between 2-5 hours per week. However, the majority of our clients are leading sedentary lifestyles. For this reason, I am grateful for In-Body’s research on exercise and the impact on body composition.  The article linked below provides research-based evidence that exercise has a direct impact on an individual’s health and body composition.

Both aerobic and resistance training assist in reduction in fat mass and increases in lean (fat free) mass. InBody’s research team identifies studies that show body composition improvements in adolescents as well as adults and the elderly when exercise is introduced.

As the obesity epidemic continues to rise, “a well-rounded exercise routine that touches on all types of fitness” is critical (InBody USA, 2019). Furthermore, combining proper nutrition with exercise will promote body composition changes. Proper nutrition accounts for approximately 80% of a person’s health and exercise accounts for about 20%. Therefore, a person can’t “exercise” their way out of a bad diet. On the flip side, humans were made for movement, not for cubicles. Ultimately, improving body composition is what makes daily activities and overall quality of life possible.

Click to read the full article from InBody.com

Let MightyMeals help YOU make healthy eating easy! Check out our rotating menu of more than 100 options, to include prepared meals, A La Carte and MightyKids!

Using the Project Approach for Learning at Home

Using the Project Approach for Learning at Home

By: Georgetown Hill Early School

I know that many of you reading this are likely having a similar experience to mine: You are dutifully guiding your elementary-school child/children through their online schoolwork, helping them navigate both the new technology and the age-old math word problems about cookies being divided among friends. You feel good about supporting your child in the completion of their “opinion writing” assignment, and get a kick out of the videos that your child and his/her classmates are making for each other about their favorite toys and favorite food. Maybe, like me, you also have a preschooler–so you are balancing online elementary school with online preschool and online ballet (are you ALSO learning how to do a plié via Zoom?!)

But perhaps you sometimes ask yourself—as I do—how can I really support their learning at home?

One strategy–that I have found to be a roaring success for my family during this quarantine–is the use of the Project Approach as a home-learning tool.

The Project Approach, in its simplest definition, is an in-depth exploration of events or objects in a child’s environment that takes place over time and is shaped by children’s interests and questions. As an instructional strategy, projects are typically carried out in three phases:


    1. Selecting a topic, teachers build common experiences by talking with children about their personal experiences to determine interests and helping children articulate specific questions as a topic emerges.
    2. Data collection, which emphasizes meaningful hands-on experiences. Children are researchers, gaining new information as they collect data to answer their questions. This phase is the bulk of the project investigation and takes place through direct and authentic experiences such as field trips, events, and interviews with visiting experts. Children can also gather data through secondary sources, including books, photos, videos, and websites.
    3. The culminating event, which is a time to conclude the experience, usually through a summarizing event or activity.


As a learning tool, projects are a meaningful way to incorporate multiple developmental domains like math, literacy, science, art, and social-emotional skills through investigations that the children themselves can shape.

This is one example of what it looked like at my house:

My daughter, who recently turned four, loves to be read Pinkalicious stories. In Pinkalicious and the Sick Day, Pinkalicious (yes, that is her actual name) drinks elderberry tea in bed while staying home from school. My daughter had many questions about elderberry tea: “What is an elderberry?” “Why is she drinking tea when she’s sick?” “Is the tea hot?” “Can I try tea sometime?” She kept asking questions about tea throughout the next day, so I used it as an opportunity for a collaborative family project–The Tea Party:

We read about different types of tea and where they come from (Social Studies/Geography!)

We smelled different types of tea we have at home to see which ones we might want to try (and also talked about caffeine….Science!)

We planned a Tea Party menu and made snacks, following some beloved recipes (Measurement is math!)

We created Tea Party invitations and placecards for our stuffed animal guests (Literacy!)

We set the table, chose music, and talked about our table manners (Social skills!)

All in all, it was a fun, authentic way for my daughter to get her questions answered, and to learn a whole host of other things in the process.


teaparty fun
tea party layout


As parents, we are all coping with quarantined life the best ways we know how—and this is just one of many ways to support learning at home. I am grateful that this approach seems to be working for my kids—and that it is creating happy memories for us all.

MightyKids by MightyMeals is the official school lunch provider for Georgetown Hill Early School.

Coming Together to Help Feed Families in Need

Coming Together to Help Feed Families in Need

Donate to Real Food for Kids and Enter Sweepstakes for Exclusive Prizes Including $200 GIft Card to MightyMeals!

Our Chefs Feeding Families co-collaborator, Silver Diner, just opened the doors to their new Alexandria location. To kick off their opening, they’re running an exclusive sweepstakes series benefiting Real Food for Kids: Chefs Feeding Families – an initiative providing free grab-and-go meals to local families in need affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Since April, MightyMeals has been donating meals on a weekly basis to the initiative and collectively we have served over 90,000 free meals.


Select the Amount to Donate:
$10 Donation = 10 Entries & Feeds a Family of Four for a Day
$50 Donation = 75 Entries & Feeds a Family of Four for a Week
$100 Donation = 200 Entries & Feeds a Family of Four for a month

Receive additional entries for sharing the Sweepstakes link on social media and for each donation you bring in.

One winner will be randomly drawn three days after the entry period closes.


week #2 prize


Whether you’d like to dine at a local favorite, to indulge in delicious meals prepared for you in the comfort of your home, to get inspired to make a celebrity’s recipe, or to enjoy a cozy outdoor experience, we have you covered!

The Ultimate Foodie Experience includes:

— $100 Hot Lola’s (by Kevin Tien) Gift Card

— $100 RASA Gift Card

— $200 Gift Card by MightyMeals meal prep service

— $100 Quincy’s South Bar and Grille

— Grammy Award-winning Questlove’s Mixtape Potluck cookbook featuring recipes from Chef Kevin Tien, Jimmy Fallon, Natalie Portman, Padma Lakshmi, Martha Stewart, Jessica Biel, Amy Poehler, Fred Armisen, Maya Rudolph, Zooey Deschanel, Gabrielle Union, Marisa Tomei, Stanley Tucci, Yvonne Orji, Q-Tip, Ashley Graham, Andrew Zimmern, Eric Ripert and dozens of others.

City Bonfires S’mores Kit – 2 City Bonfires, 4 roasting sticks, s’mores Ingredients: marshmallows, graham crackers, chocolate.

week #1 prize



– 30-minute private cooking session via zoom from David Guas
– 2 personalized signed cookbooks
– 1 Butter Pat Industries “Heather” cast iron skillet

Stay connected and check Real Food for Kids’ Facebook page for the weekly prize package announcement on Mondays at 10 a.m.


Real Food for Kids: Chefs Feeding Families is a joint project with Washington, D.C. metro-area restaurants including Silver Diner, Bayou Bakery, American Son, RASA, Pizzeria Paradiso, Design Cuisine and Good Food Company to provide nourishing grab-and-go meals to school children and their families impacted by school shutdowns and job losses due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Co-founded in March 2020 by Chef David Guas of Bayou Bakery in Arlington, Va. and Real Food for Kids, Chefs Feeding Families provides funding for food, supplies, and restaurant staff to feed as many families as possible and create employment opportunities within the restaurant community also impacted by COVID-19 closures. Free grab-and-go meals are now being served at over 17 distribution sites across the DC metro area. Together we have provided over 90,000 meals to children and families in need.

8 Ways to Celebrate National Wellness Month

By: Christine Bean

August is National Wellness Month, and it’s a perfect time to focus on taking care of yourself physically, mentally, and emotionally.  Especially during these stressful times, it’s important to make self-care, healthy eating, and stress management a priority in order to feel better than ever! Make it a goal to try one of these 8 ways to boost your wellness each day.

    1. Exercise. Just 30 minutes of exercise per day can be a major mood-booster. Not only does it benefit your mental health, it keeps you at a healthy weight, gives you more energy, and assists with pain management.
    2. Drink more water. Hydration is so important for your body, especially during these hot summer months. Water helps transport nutrients to give you energy, and even lubricates your joints. It’s the key to digestion, clearer skin, and even weight loss!
    3. Spend time outside. Fresh air can do a mind and body good, especially if you’re exercising outdoors. Spending time in nature can improve your memory, lower your blood pressure, and boost your mood.
    4. Practice deep breathing.  Stress and anxiety can impact your breathing without you even realizing it, causing you to take shallow breaths, or even holding your breath for a period of time, causing your body to tense-up.  Practicing deep breathing techniques, and concentrating on breathing from your diaphragm, can make a big difference.
    5. Get enough sleep. Sleep is a huge factor in our mental and physical well-being. Getting an adequate amount of sleep each night helps keep your weight in check, your risk of depression and anxiety low, your memory sharp, your immune system strong, and so much more.
    6. Take a social media break. With information constantly being thrown at us via social media, it’s important that we take time each day to disconnect from technology in order to boost our mental and physical health. A digital detox can help with anxiety, sleep, mood, and lots more. Aim to put your phone away one hour before bedtime to allow your brain to wind-down before falling asleep.
    7. Call a friend or family member. Now that social distancing is part of our daily lives, it’s more important than ever to stay connected to those we love. Friends and family play a huge role in our mental health, and social connection can be an instant mood-booster. Make it a goal to call or video chat with someone important to you every day, even if it’s just for 5 minutes!
    8. Roasted Sweet Potatoes

      Cut back on sugar and load up on fruits and veggies. The average American consumes 22 teaspoons of sugar each day, and much of it is hidden in salad dressings, alcohol, coffee creamer, etc. Sugar depletes your energy and makes you feel tired and grumpy (afternoon slump anyone?)  If you have a sweet tooth, you can still satisfy it by swapping your sugary sweets for juicy peaches, plump blueberries, or MightyMeals’ Roasted Sweet Potatoes. Your body and mind will thank you for it!

3 Activities You Can Do At Home

Odds are you have been spending a lot of time at home lately. Bring some creativity into your life. It’s a great antidote to cabin fever. Here are three fun activities you can do to stretch your creativity. 

    1. Tie-Dye

      Tie-Dye has skyrocketed in popularity this year. Everyone could use a little splash of color and fun these days! Tie-Dye Kit purchases are on the rise as many people grasp for color therapy and things to do. The Etsy and Pinterest crafting culture has been going strong for several years now, but with people stuck at home, crafts like Tie-Dye have become one of the main go-to’s. 

      Make Your Own Tie-Dye

      Tie-dye truly became the biggest trend and the best part is that you can easily make it yourself! Experience the fun and joy of taking your old white clothes and turning into a rainbow of excitement. Tie-dye is probably one of the most fun hobbies to take on, and it’s something you can do with the entire family! Grab a Tie-Die at Home Kit and you will be whipping up tie-dye shirts in no time.

    2. Origami

      This classic Japanese art form has made a comeback the last few months. Even if you can’t get your hands on some authentic Japanese Origami paper, plain computer paper will do. This is a hobby and craft that engages both your mind and fine motor skills, making it ideal for doing when you have lots of time on your hands. With just one piece of paper, you can fold it into anything you desire. A crane, a heart, a box, a dog, even a jumping frog. It’s all possible with some well planned folds. Origami is awesome and fun at the same time. 

    3. Drawing

      Drawing is simple! Like origami, you don’t necessarily need any fancy tools. Even just a pen and paper will be enough to start doodling. It’s an easy way to slip into a realm of fantasy, away from the challenging times out in the real world.

What activities have you picked up while spending more time at home? Did you start a new workout program? Or learn to cook a new dish? We’d love to hear what you have been up to! Email us at [email protected] and we will share some of the cool things you have been doing! In the meantime, don’t forget to place your order by midnight for this week’s delivery dates! Happy crafting!

MightyMeals Joins Forces with KEEN of Greater DC

MightyMeals is excited to partner with local nonprofit, KEEN, which stands for Kids Enjoy Exercise Now. Founded in 1992, KEEN is based on a simple idea: pair a trained volunteer coach with a young person with disabilities and let them discover what they can accomplish together. Over the last 28 years, KEEN Greater DC-Baltimore has grown from one program in Montgomery County, MD to 37 programs in Maryland, Washington, DC and Virginia. Current programs include sports, swim, basketball, soccer, music, tae kwon do, tennis, dance, bowling, fitness, yoga and KEEN club.

“I was excited that an organization like KEEN reached out to join forces with MightyMeals. Most of my family are educators and both my father and mother have specifically worked with children with special needs. Having two family members with Down’s syndrome, I know how important it is to support groups like KEEN. It is my hope that what we are doing with KEEN makes a big impact and it is an organization we can work with for years to come,” said MightyMeals co-founder, Dan Graziano. 

Access to healthy food and a healthy lifestyle is at the core of MightyMeals’ mission. KEEN Greater DC-Baltimore provides more than 1,300 program hours each month to over 500 children, teens and young adults with significant developmental and physical disabilities such as autism, cerebral palsy and Down syndrome. For many of these children, the time spent with KEEN is the only opportunity they have to improve their developmental and social skills through physical activity.  It also gives them a place where they are accepted and find a sense of belonging.

MightyMeals is donating a portion of proceeds back to KEEN and building out a partnership that will include nutrition workshops and MightyMeals food donations. “As a partner and communications consultant for MightyMeals, it is so important to me that we give back to our community. My sister has a brain injury, and the activities that she has been able to do, such as horseback riding, has been such an important part of her recovery. What KEEN provides children with special needs and their families is invaluable,” said Tiffany Anzalone McCasland, MightyMeals Partner. 

Learn more about KEEN and how you can support their important program at https://www.keengreaterdc.org/.

Plant Forward: MightyMeals Launches New Plant-Based Menu

By: Christine Bean

For years, research has proven the benefits of a plant-based diet, and it seems that more and more people are finally catching on. Here at MightyMeals, we are all about empowering people to live healthier lives, and that includes providing our customers with menu choices that will keep their mind, body, and spirit in tip-top shape. Whether you are eliminating meat from your diet for health or environmental reasons, or are simply aiming to eat more veggies for a nutritional boost, you’ll find that MightyMeals new plant-based menu is packed with flavor, protein, and variety. You won’t even miss the meat, we promise! 

Five Benefits of a Plant-Based Diet

      1. Prevents Disease
        Research shows that a plant-forward, whole foods diet can prevent, and sometimes even reverse, chronic diseases, including type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and certain cancers. It can also minimize your risk of stroke and high cholesterol.
      2. Helps Maintain a Healthy Weight
        Plant-based diets are packed with fiber and healthy nutrients that help fill you up without  adding extra calories, and in turn, you drop the pounds. By replacing certain meats with vegetables, your risk for obesity drops significantly.
      3. Reduces Inflammation
        Chronic internal inflammation can trigger a variety of health issues, and never fully disappears until you figure out the root of the problem. Diet is one of the best ways to heal your body and combat this common issue. A plant-based diet is loaded with phytonutrients, which have tons of anti-inflammatory benefits, and are low in toxins and bacteria.
      4. Boosts Your Immune System
        Plants are packed with vitamins and nutrients that your body needs to fight-off infection. The antioxidants found in plants help strengthen your immune system and keep your cells healthy while fighting-off germs.
      5. Keeps Your Brain Strong
        Research shows that the more vegetables you incorporate into your diet, the lesser your chance of developing Alzheimer’s or dementia later in life. The gut is connected to the brain, and gut inflammation has been linked to depression and anxiety. Those who follow a plant-based diet experience a sharper mind and positive mental well-being, and less symptoms of anxiety and depression. 

Check out MightyMeals new plant-based menu offerings, and add some to your next order for delivery right to your door! 

      • Vegan Mediterranean Bowl

        Vegan Mediterranean Bowl: Garlic/herb roasted tofu with red/white quinoa, paprika spiced chickpeas, artichoke hearts and roasted heirloom cherry tomato medley over baby spinach. Served with a side of roasted red pepper aioli. 

      • Vegan Lasagna: Beyond Meat & bell pepper bolognese layered with  vegan mozzarella and noodles.
      • Vegan Chipotle Bowl: Chipotle de adobo marinated Beyond meat crumble served with sautéed black beans, cilantro jasmine rice, corn/tomato relish, roasted peppers/onions, pickled fresno’s and spring onion. 
      • Vegan Bolognese with Spaghetti Squash: Spaghetti served with Beyond Meat & bell pepper bolognese and spinach. Garnished with parsley.

Coming Soon!! 

      • Cauliflower Curry
      • Tofu Poke Bowl
      • Caponata Quinoa Bowl
      • Stuffed Portobello
      • Beyond Sausage Spaghetti Squash
      • Beyond Breakfast Bowl

MightyMeals Features Real Food for Kids Culinary Challenge Recipe

MightyMeals Features Real Food for Kids Culinary Challenge Recipe

50% of the Proceeds from the Herndon High School Award Winning Carne Asada Steak Will Go to the Real Food for Kids Chefs Feeding Families Initiative

Real Food for Kids, a nonprofit focused on elevating school food, hosted a culinary challenge with more than 20 regional high school and middle school culinary teams competing from Fairfax, Prince William, Alexandria City, Arlington, Loudoun, Montgomery County and Washington, D.C. 

This year, due to COVID-19, the Culinary Challenge was postponed and has just been conducted virtually with a judging panel comprised of Chef David Guas (Bayou Bakery, Coffee Bar & Eatery,) Chef Ype Von Hengst (Silver and Silver Diner,) Tim Ma (American Son and Laoban Dumplings,) and Ruth Gresser (Pizzeria Paradiso.)

The following are the Culinary Challenge winners:  

      • 1st Place: Takoma Park Middle School, Rasta Ramen Bowl
      • 2nd Place: Chantilly Academy, Mediterranean Chicken Kabobs with Orzo Salad
      • 3rd Place, Herndon High School, Carne Asada Tacos with Asian Slaw

MightyMeals is proud to have teamed up with the Real Food for Kids: Chefs Feeding Families initiative and since April has donated close to 2,000 MightyMeals to families across the DC metro area. 

Starting July 27, MightyMeals is also featuring the 3rd Place recipe on their menu as a fundraiser. 50% of the proceeds from the Real Food for Kids Carne Asada Steak will go to Real Food for Kids Chefs Feeding Families Initiative. 

Carne Asada Steak

Order the Herndon High School Carne Asada Steak and help support Real Food for Kids! 

Real Food for Kids Carne Asada Steak: Carne asada marinated flank steak served with cilantro jasmine rice, sautéed black beans, mango relish, and roasted pepper and onions. 

About Real Food for Kids: Chefs Feeding Families | Real Food for Kids: Chefs Feeding Families is a joint project with Washington, D.C., metro-area restaurants to provide nourishing grab-and-go meals to school children and their families impacted by closed schools to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Co-founded by Chef David Guas of Bayou Bakery, Coffee Bar & Eatery in Arlington, Va. and Real Food for Kids, Chefs Feeding Families provides funding for food, supplies, and restaurant staff to feed as many families as possible and create employment opportunities within the restaurant community also impacted by COVID-19 closures. Visit www.realfoodforkids.org/chefsfeedingfamilies to find the latest information about meal availability in your area and learn how to provide more meals for families in need.

MightyMeals Launches new Delivery TimeFrame / Live Update SMS Notification System

MightyMeals Launches New Delivery TimeFrame / Live Update SMS Notification System

You Can Now Track Your MightyMeals from Our Kitchen to Your Door in Real Time 

This week we are launching a new Text Message Notification System that will allow you to track your MightyMeals order in real time.

On the morning of your delivery you will receive a text message between 7am and 8am letting you know a specific delivery window. You will then receive a second text message when your driver is 10 minutes away. You will be able to track your MightyMeals order in real time en route fresh from our kitchen to your door! 

It is important that you provide a valid cell phone number when you place your order. Please also note that you will no longer be able to contact your driver directly, however, if you have any special delivery instructions (for example: please don’t ring the doorbell, please leave meals in cooler, etc) you can put them in the notes section when you place your order. 

While you will not be able to request specific delivery time, you will now be able to know exactly when your MightyMeals order will arrive! If you are unable to be home you are welcome to leave out a cooler for your order, just make sure it is large enough to fit all of your MightyMeals! 

Thank you for supporting our locally owned, small business! We appreciate you, MightyFam!

MightyMeals Donates More than 1400 Meals to Real Food For Kids: Chefs Feeding Families Initiative

MightyMeals Donates More than 1400 Meals to Real Food For Kids: Chefs Feeding Families Initiative 

By: Tiffany Anzalone McCasland

MightyMeals is proud to have teamed up with the Real Food for Kids: Chefs Feeding Families initiative. Together with other local restaurant collaborators, we have provided over 60,000 meals to families across the DC metro area to children and families in need affected by school shutdowns and job losses due to COVID-19.

While restrictions are being lifted statewide, the devastating impact of COVID-19 on school children remains. Chefs Feeding Families’ ability to provide the meals children need to thrive is greatly helped by your generous support.

Since April, MightyMeals has donated more than 1,400 MightyMeals, in addition to produce, to the Chefs Feeding Families Initiative. 

Your donation of any amount will ensure that additional children will have access to the healthy meals they require to keep their minds and bodies strong. Please consider donating here.

For more information on the Chefs Feeding Families initiative, please visit http://www.realfoodforkids.org/chefsfeedingfamilies

About Real Food for Kids: Chefs Feeding Families | Real Food for Kids: Chefs Feeding Families is a joint project with Washington, D.C., metro-area restaurants to provide nourishing grab-and-go meals to school children and their families impacted by closed schools to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Co-founded by Chef David Guas of Bayou Bakery, Coffee Bar & Eatery in Arlington, Va. and Real Food for Kids, Chefs Feeding Families provides funding for food, supplies, and restaurant staff to feed as many families as possible and create employment opportunities within the restaurant community also impacted by COVID-19 closures. Visit www.realfoodforkids.org/chefsfeedingfamilies to find the latest information about meal availability in your area and learn how to provide more meals for families in need.

About MightyMeals | Founded in 2015 by two fitness professionals and a classically trained chef, MightyMeals believes high-quality, healthy food should be accessible to everyone. The Burke, Virginia company provides a convenient, healthy meal delivery service made with locally sourced ingredients by chefs, offering a wide array of meals on a menu that changes weekly. MightyMeals has more than 50 pick-up locations across the D.C. metro area. Our mission is to empower people to live healthier lives by being the leading provider of healthy, high-quality, locally sourced, chef-prepared meals that are delivered to you. Take the guesswork out of your nutrition so you can spend your time doing the things you enjoy. Visit www.eatmightymeals.com and use code TRYUS to receive a free meal. Follow MightyMeals at @eatmightymeals for updates on new locations and tasting events.

For more information:

Tiffany Anzalone McCasland

[email protected]

SLEEP: Are You Getting Enough ZZZ

The underrated component of our ability to achieve a healthy mind and body.

My name is Kim and I am a health coach and the manager of the Potomac location of EMP180°.

I usually start my day with both a run and weight workout. My alarm typically goes off at 4:00 a.m. so I can squeeze in my workout before my family wakes up, but today was a little different. I had accidentally turned my alarm off the night before and slept past my usual wake-up time. I woke up suddenly, disoriented –  because I was dreaming about running. Someone in my dream was shouting “run, run, run.” At that point, it was already 5am; I was groggy, late, and my day was already off to a rough start.

My routine is rigorous – it’s hard to balance mom duties, a full-time job, and keeping up with my fitness routine. I build fitness into my morning because I know how great it makes me feel both mentally and physically. But today was unusual. I shouldn’t have listened to that voice in my dream, because my body was telling me something completely different: to continue resting.

A few hours later, my workout was complete, and I was driving to work. I opened my Oura Ring app (which measures sleep quality) to look at my sleep score. I noticed my heart rate variability (HRV) score was atypically low, indicating that my mind, body (or both) were under stress.

I was surprised, because I didn’t feel stressed, but my sleep data told a different story. I racked my brain for clues. Was I subconsciously stressed about the virus? Perhaps I was stressed because my 5-year-old can’t go to school or have playdates with her friends. Or maybe I was stressed because I have to wear a mask and gloves everywhere I go, and that only reminds me of how much risk still exists out in the world.

Maybe I was worried about being infected with the virus…or maybe it’s simply the perpetual fear we all have, the fear of the unknown.

Here’s the thing: stress and a lack of sleep can take an immense toll on our bodies – and sometimes we aren’t even aware. When we deprive our bodies of sleep, everything — from our mental acuity to the foods that we crave — changes. When I am sleep-deprived, I no longer crave healthy foods like the eggs and veggies that I typically pack for lunch. I’m hankering for a bagel and cream cheese, maybe even a donut. I also become more reliant on coffee to wake me up. It then becomes a vicious cycle – overconsuming caffeine can lead to lower quality sleep.

Inadequate sleep and stress cause the body to produce a hormone called cortisol – it’s often just referred to as the stress hormone. High levels of cortisol cause the body to store fat at the visceral level, and that fat is linked to many chronic diseases — including heart disease and diabetes.

As a health coach, I talk with my clients about several factors and behaviors that contribute to a healthy lifestyle. Managing stress, getting adequate sleep in accordance with what your body needs, nourishing yourself with proper nutrition, and movement are all important. When any one of these is out of balance, we run the risk of being unhealthy – and when we’re short on time, our sleep tends to suffer as we deprioritize it.

I always encourage my clients to slow down and listen to their bodies. As for me, I’ll plan on starting to practice what I preach.

Here are some things you can do to ensure that you are getting a good night’s sleep:

      1. Keep the same bedtime and wake-up time on most (better yet: ALL) days of the week.
      2. No electronics in the bedroom.
      3. Take a warm shower or bath before bed.
      4. If using electronics prior to bed, wear blue light filtering glasses.
      5. Consider taking a Melatonin or a Magnesium supplement.
      6. Reduce intense physical activity 3 hours before bed.
      7. No caffeine after 12pm.
      8. Increase physical activity / exercise – especially in the first half of the day.
      9. Read an actual book prior to bed.
      10. Cut out the booze, especially within 3 hours of bed.
      11. Eat fewer processed foods and reduce sugar consumption.
      12. Keep the bedroom temperature cool (68 degrees in optimal) and dark.

ABOUT EMP180°EMP180° offers personalized nutrition and weight loss programs designed to help individuals and entire families permanently change their health. Our highly trained nutrition coaches work with clients to help them transform their eating habits, achieve and maintain a target weight. We then provide life-long support, critical to maintaining a healthy lifestyle and optimal health long-term. For more information, please visit https://www.emp180.com/.

Partner Spotlight: Fitness Edge

This week, we caught up with Tungi Kelley, owner of Fitness Edge in Gaithersburg, MD, to learn how this neighborhood gym is succeeding in making fitness fun and affordable, and how MightyMeals is keeping their athletes on track when it comes to their nutrition goals. 

How did Fitness Edge get its start? 
Tungi: I opened Fitness Edge in May of 2015.  I wanted a gym with a training atmosphere that I could put my own personal spin on and just make it fun.  My previous job in the fitness industry was in a serious atmosphere; it was strict and not enjoyable. I knew that I wanted this environment to feel fun.  If people aren’t laughing and having fun, then I feel like I’ve failed! The type of classes we offer are essentially a hybrid of HIIT training with strength training.  The most dreaded day of the week is Wednesday; cardio day! Our high-powered weight training involves barbells mixed-in with HIIT, which is unusual. We also offer one-on-one personal training in-between classes.  

What makes Fitness Edge unique?
Tungi: Our community is very tight-knit, and I feel that’s what separates us from most gyms.  The workouts are really challenging, so everyone is going through the battlefield together.  It’s cool to see everyone look at each other at the end of class like, “yes we made it, we did it! It creates a great atmosphere, a community that’s naturally molded together.  We have get-togethers every month; we had a SuperBowl party at the gym, we have a pool party in the summer, we want to bring everyone together outside of the gym.  The cool part about it is, you’re having so much fun you forget you are getting in shape in the process.  We’re a black-owned business, and the members of our community are extremely diverse. We welcome all different races, ages, genders, shapes and sizes.  We have clients that range in ages from 7 years old to 68 years old.  There’s no limit in our demographic; collegiate athletes, professional athletes, people who have never worked out a day in their life. All are welcome. 

How has the Coronavirus affected your business?
Tungi: During the Covid-19 crisis, we have been able to operate outdoors without limitations because we have a lot of space in the parking lot of our gym. Everyone wears a mask to grab the equipment in the gym and then goes back outside to workout. We stay outside unless it’s pouring rain.  We take the health and safety of our members very seriously, and have taken full safety precautions. We have a professional disinfectant sprayer, everyone wipes down their equipment with disinfectant wipes after use, and we keep 10-15 feet away from each other when working-out. We are lucky to have a large enough parking lot in our facility that allows us to take those measures, and we have not had to put a cap on any of the classes. There has been a huge spike in personal training, people feel more comfortable doing one-on-one workouts, so we have been doing a ton of those and utilizing the whole gym and back stairwells to make it fun.

How did you get connected to MightyMeals?
Tungi: We were with another company that basically went out-of-business overnight, and that’s when MightyMeals co-founder, Dan Graziano, reached out to us.  He came and checked out the location and told me all about how the MightyMeals partnership would work and what they had to offer.  I knew it was going to be mutually beneficial for sure!  

How does MightyMeals benefit your members?
Tungi: It gives them the opportunity to have real structure in their diet.  Diet is 80% of this whole thing, and they are getting a strong 20% from us! The other hours of the day that they aren’t with us, we need to know that they’re being taken care of.  If you’re following the guidelines and not slipping-up on your meals, then you’ll be set! That’s why I love MightyMeals.  It takes the guesswork out. 

Caribbean Jerk Salmon

What’s your favorite MightyMeal?
Tungi: Well, salmon is my favorite food in general, so I’d definitely say the Caribbean Jerk Salmon.  MightyMeals knocked it out of the park with that one! 

About Tungi Kelley | Tungi is the owner and head trainer at Fitness Edge MD. His background in semi-pro football and NFL Combine means his specialties lie in football drills, speed, and agility training, along with strength and bodyweight exercises. As a former Training Director at Bally Total Fitness and with over 12 years of hands-on training experience, he knows how to get you where you want to be!

Connect with Fitness Edge | Follow Fitness Edge on Facebook and Instagram to stay up-to-date!

What to Do When You Have a Picky Eater

What to Do When You Have a Picky Eater

By: Georgetown Hill Early School

Is your little one refusing to eat anything other than chicken nuggets? Or would he or she rather play than eat anything at all?

If “picky eating” happens in your household, you’re not alone. Many parents worry about what their children eat — and don’t eat. And picky eating is often the norm for toddlers and preschoolers. After the rapid growth of infancy, when babies usually triple in weight, a toddler’s growth rate – and appetite – tends to slow down.

Young children are also beginning to develop food preferences–A toddler’s favorite food one day may hit the floor the next, or a snubbed food might suddenly become the one he or she can’t live without! For weeks, they may eat 1 or 2 preferred foods – and nothing else.

Try not to get frustrated by this typical toddler behavior. Just make healthy food choices available and know that, with time, your child’s appetite and eating behaviors will level out. In the meantime, here are some tips that can help you get through the picky eater stage:

Less is more: Sometimes as parents, we feel if we give children more food they will eat more. However, that is often not the case and children can become overwhelmed by large portions. A little food from each good group is a great way to start.

Be colorful: The more colorful the plate is, the more interested children are in eating what’s on it! Strawberries, blueberries, and avocados are all bright in color (and delicious!)

Try Dips: Children love dipping their food! Even though this can be messy, try different types of dip: salad dressing, MightyMeals’ hummus, yogurt, salsa, etc. to see if this encourages your child to eat more veggies and fruits.

Be patient with new foods: Young children often touch or smell new foods and might even put tiny bits in their mouths and then take them back out again. Your child might need repeated exposure to a new food before he or she takes the first bite. Encourage your child by talking about a food’s color, shape, aroma and texture — not whether it tastes good. Serve new foods along with your child’s favorite foods.

Recruit your child’s help: At the grocery store, ask your child to help you select fruits, vegetables and other healthy foods. Don’t buy anything that you don’t want your child to eat. At home, encourage your child to help you rinse veggies, stir batter or set the table.

Don’t be a short-order cook: Preparing a separate meal for your child after he or she rejects the original meal might promote picky eating. Encourage your child to stay at the table for the designated mealtime — even if he or she doesn’t eat.

Don’t offer dessert as a reward: Withholding dessert sends the message that dessert is the best food, which might only increase your child’s desire for sweets. You might select one or two nights a week as dessert nights and skip dessert the rest of the week — or redefine dessert as fruit, yogurt or other healthy choices.

Keep in mind that your child’s eating habits won’t likely change overnight — but the small steps you take each day can help promote a lifetime of healthy eating. Check out the new MightyMeals’ MightyKids menu – sure to be a HIT with your picky eater! 

Georgetown Hill Early School: MightyMeals is the official school lunch partner of Georgetown Hill Early School, a non-profit organization based in Maryland with thirteen campuses. GHES offers programs for infants, preschool, before and after elementary school and summer camp.

Rep Your Prep: MightyMeals Launches Merchandise Store

Rep Your Prep: MightyMeals Launches Merchandise Store

Have you always wanted to “Rep Your Meal Prep” company? You can now shop MightyMeals apparel on our new online merchandise store. The MightyMeals Merchandise Store features 8 new products that includes 3 styles of hats, a koozie, t-shirts, hoodies, tanks, and even a shaker bottle. There are limited quantities of each item and prices range from $3 to $27.

Emotional Eating During Difficult Times

Is the uncertainty surrounding the “new norm” causing you to feel stressed? ls social distancing making you feel isolated? Bored? Hungry? For many of us, eating is not always a response to physical hunger. Instead, we often turn to food for comfort, and impulsively reach for junk food, sweets, and other unhealthy foods. Emotional eating is triggered by our feelings, and it usually makes us feel much worse after the initial surge of pleasure passes. Not only does the original emotional issue remain, but it’s amplified by feeling guilty for overeating.

Emotional eating can take the form of overeating, eating more frequently than usual, or craving specific comfort or junk foods. It’s normal to eat emotionally when we are partaking in a celebration – hello, birthday cake with buttercream frosting! Certain foods spark a warm and desired feeling of happiness, reward, and nostalgia, but there are other common moods that often trigger emotional eating: stress, anxiety, depression, and boredom. The urge to eat unhealthy foods is most prominent when we’re most emotionally vulnerable, and it can be a way to distract ourselves from the feelings and emotions that we don’t want to address. It can easily become a soothing habit – we start to eat on autopilot.

The urge to eat, snack, or reach for comfort foods can strike so quickly, we might easily mistake it for physical hunger. How do we know if our hunger is real and something we should act upon? Here are a few things to consider:

Emotional hunger usually comes on suddenly, whereas there is typically a slow-build to physical hunger. The next time you suddenly find yourself craving food, check in: When was the last time you ate? Was it one hour or several hours ago? Spacing between meals will vary depending on the person, but if you ate a healthy, balanced meal an hour ago and are feeling hungry again, it may be emotionally driven.

Satiation is short-lived with emotional hunger. This makes sense because when we emotionally eat, we’re not actually addressing what we’re really hungry for….is it anxiety? What’s making you anxious and how can you calm yourself (without food)? Boredom? Are there other activities that can fill your time? Think about the things that are nourishing spiritually and emotionally: a hobby, being active, a prayer or meditation routine, and deepening personal relationships. The key to satisfying emotional hunger is to identify the underlying negative emotions you’re feeling.

Here are some tips to help stave off cravings when negative emotions threaten to trigger emotional eating:

    1. Be Aware. Just like any habit you want to break, awareness is the first step in identifying whether or not you are struggling with emotional eating. Keep a journal to track whenever you feel hungry. Note the time of day, the activity you’re doing (or not doing), and how you’re feeling (a smile or frown face will do). Also, notice where in your body you feel the hunger. Try keeping track for a few days and see if you notice any patterns.
    1. Have a hunger reality check. Give the craving time to pass. When hunger strikes suddenly, take a quick inventory and respond honestly. Where do you feel the hunger? Is it in your stomach? Chest? Or is the idea of food appealing? Are you craving something salty or sweet? When was your last meal? When was your last glass of water? When you have a craving, can you pause long enough to imagine eating the food and truly feeling better after you eat it? There are no “right” answers. Just get in the habit of checking in with yourself and note your responses.
    1. Fight boredom. Instead of snacking when you’re not hungry, distract yourself and substitute a healthier behavior. Take a walk, watch a movie, play with your cat, listen to music, read, surf the internet or call a friend.
    1. Be mindful of triggers. Slowing down when we eat is crucial for distinguishing between feeling comfortably satiated versus uncomfortably stuffed. Whenever you’re eating, be sure to sit at a table. Try not to eat at your desk or in front of the TV. If you’re always eating or snacking while watching television, mindlessly grabbing food before you sit down to tune in becomes a habit. If you’re going to have an evening snack, have it at the table so you can disassociate eating with the couch. If you tend to snack or drink soda in your car, only doing this at a table will mitigate the Pavlov’s-dog-response, i.e. getting in the car and craving soda.
    1. Select healthy snacks. If you feel the urge to eat between meals, choose a healthy snack. Fresh fruit, nuts, string cheese or veggies with hummus are excellent choices. MightyMeals’ new Chickpea Hummus is a great choice! 
    1. Take away temptation. Don’t keep hard-to-resist comfort foods in your home. Also, never go grocery shopping on an empty stomach, or when you’re in an emotionally fragile state – sad, angry, depressed. Delay shopping until you have your emotions in check. Our environment can also play a big role in our eating habits; even subtle things like food advertisements and the size of the dishes we use can subconsciously impact our cravings. Ensure you have plenty of healthy options at home. MightyMeals makes it easy and convenient to eat healthy. 
    1. Stay hydrated! Did you know that dehydration can feel like hunger? When you feel the urge to snack, it could actually be your body telling you that it’s thirsty, not hungry. Try drinking a full glass of water before reaching for food. Feel free to add lemon or cucumber for flavor.
    1. Make sure you get appropriate amounts of sleep. Exhaustion, or even being more tired than normal, can impact what you crave. Adequate rest sets you up for success by ensuring that you’re energized, and you’ll be much more likely to reach for healthy foods (versus giving into a sugar craving, which often accompanies fatigue).
    1. Feel your feelings. Because emotional eating is driven by our feelings, we will have a much better handle on it if we address the underlying cause. No one wants to experience unpleasant emotions. However, it’s reassuring to remember that no feeling is harmful or permanent. Feelings come and go. Accept all feelings and sit with them – the good and the bad. The more we can sit with our feelings, acknowledge them, and label them, the less they will dictate our eating behaviors.
    1. Call your health coach! We all need support while working to break our emotional eating habits. Your EMP Health Coach is there to support and guide you through the process. Your coach will help you set realistic health-related goals that matter to you, and provide accountability as well as a safe space for you to explore the deeper issues that may be causing you to feel stuck. Leaning on your coach can make a huge difference in helping you change unwanted behaviors and patterns and achieve a sustainable, healthy lifestyle. *

Remember, be good to yourself. We all emotionally eat. Forgive yourself; it’s normal to experience setbacks. Breaking the pattern of emotional eating is a process. You didn’t create the habit overnight, and temptation is everywhere — you won’t change your habits in one day, and building resilience is like building muscle. Approach your efforts with compassion and nonjudgmental curiosity. When you identify a pattern, don’t force or shame yourself into changing. Simply take note and remember: small steps will lead to big shifts in behavior that last a lifetime.

*EMP180 Coaches are not licensed psychologists, psychiatrists, or therapists. Mental health – and taking care of it – is as important as physical health, and the two are intertwined. We encourage clients to seek professional help and resources if emotional eating behaviors become more extreme or difficult to control.

ABOUT EMP180°EMP180° offers personalized nutrition and weight loss programs designed to help individuals and entire families permanently change their health. Our highly trained nutrition coaches work with clients to help them transform their eating habits, achieve and maintain a target weight. We then provide life-long support, critical to maintaining a healthy lifestyle and optimal health long-term. For more information, please visit https://www.emp180.com/.

MightyMeals: Meals that are Mom & Kid Approved

MightyMeals: Meals that are Mom & Kid Approved

By: Christine Bean

Whether you’re a working mom, a stay-at-home mom, or somewhere in-between, we all share the same problem; there is never enough time in the day, and there are always hungry mouths to feed! I don’t know about your kids, but mine seem to be hungry 24/7, especially during quarantine. Truthfully, I love to cook, but between working part-time from home, attempting to keep two toddlers busy, and making sure the house doesn’t burn down, I am maxed-out most days and waving the white flag. MightyMeals to the rescue!

One thing I love most about MightyMeals is the ability to order bulk protein and sides via the A La Carte menu, which makes it easy for me to create quick and healthy meals on week nights.  One of our favorite, go-to combinations is Bistro Steak, Green Beans, and Sweet Potatoes. The kids love it, and all I have to do is heat and plate. (But, let’s be honest, I have to literally hold my husband back from devouring the entire container of juicy steak, first!) My toddlers also love the bulk Southwestern Egg Bites, which make for an easy weekday breakfast with a side of fruit. 

Being Italian, we eat A LOT of pasta. In fact, it’s both of my kids’ favorite food. So, I wasn’t surprised when they licked the container of Spaghetti and Meatballs clean and said it was “just like Nonna’s.” Little did they know, these turkey meatballs are totally healthy, packed with protein, and all I had to do was heat them up in the container. (Shh, don’t tell Nonna!) The Roast Beef Wrap is an exciting new option for us, anything handheld that we can take with us on a socially-distant picnic is a total win. I also love to bring along one of my favorite meals, Basil Pesto Chicken and Orzo, which is equally delicious eaten hot or cold. Oh, and did I mention that all of these dishes are delivered right to my door multiple times per week? You can’t beat that convenience. 

Knowing that my kids are eating fresh, nutrient-rich foods, and loving every bite, gives me peace of mind as a busy mom. The fact that they are chef-prepared, locally sourced, and delivered to my door is an added bonus! I’m truly thankful to MightyMeals for taking one less thing off my plate and making meals that are mom and kid approved!

MightyMeals Rolls Out New Menu Filter Feature

Here at MightyMeals, we are all about simplifying your life, and our new menu filter feature does just that. With our easy-to-navigate product filters, you are now able to narrow down exactly what types of meals you’re looking for, saving you time and making ordering a breeze.

Customers now have the ability to filter meals by product, or by macro, on the left hand side of our ordering page. When filtering by product, you can sort by “type,” choosing between meals, a la carte items, snacks, gift cards, or donations to the MightyMovement.

You also have the ability to filter by protein type; beef, chicken, fish/seafood, pork, turkey, or vegetarian.

For those adhering to a certain diet or meal plan, you can select a filter for meals that are under 500 calories, low carb <25, EMP180 Approved, or gluten free.  We also have a search bar available for keyword searches if you are looking for a meal that includes something specific.

Our much anticipated “Filter by Macro” option, allows you to use a sliding scale to select the max number of calories, grams of protein, carbs, and fat you are looking for in your dish. Our system will then show you exactly which meals fit your macro criteria. This is helpful for those sticking to a meal plan that promotes flexibility and discourages the elimination of entire food groups.  With over 100 meal, snack, and a la carte options to choose from, there is truly something for everyone on our menu!

Creating New Habits and Making Them Stick

The arrival of COVID-19 is causing us all to experience some disruption to daily life, and forcing us to adapt to new routines. Many people are taking this opportunity to focus on self-improvement and setting new goals—two of the most common being eating healthier and increasing physical activity.

People are finding that they finally have the time to experiment with healthier recipes or start that new workout video they had been wanting to try. However, when this pandemic is over and we return to our old routines, how do we turn these new activities into ones that will last long term?

Dr. Wendy Wood is an expert in the field of psychology for over 30 years. In the podcast, “Creatures of Habits – How Habits Shape Who We Are – And Who We Become”, Dr. Wood sheds light on the topic. She provides both personal experiences and her years of research exploring what makes humans develop habits, both good and bad.

Wood uses the metaphor of driving a car to explain how once developed, habits become automated behaviors that we don’t need to put much thought or effort into performing. Once the car is moving most experienced drivers cruise along pushing the petal.

She explains that one key to sustaining a behavior long term is finding a way to make the habit “frictionless”. Amazon is a perfect example of a company that makes buying merchandise essentially “frictionless”. With a click of a button, customers order merchandise and it is at their door oftentimes before they get home from work. It’s easy, rewarding, frictionless.

Making good habits frictionless can be the key to making them stick. For example, Wood recalls being crunched for time when her boys were young. To reduce the “friction” of getting up early and getting ready to exercise, she simply slept in her workout clothes. This made the morning routine easier, causing less friction.

There are also ways to make bad habits harder to maintain. For example, rather than putting a leftover birthday cake in a container on the kitchen counter, freezing single serve slices and keeping just one in the refrigerator causes more “friction” because it makes it harder to eat, and it is not in sight.

Habits that stick tend to provide an immediate reward. For this reason, goals that take longer to see results can deter people. Weight loss is a perfect example. The scale may not move as quickly as a person wants, so eating healthy and exercising may not seem rewarding enough for a person to want to repeat. Wood has advice for this as well. For example, she allows herself a “reward” during her exercise sessions. She watches her favorite cooking show at the same time she is on the elliptical. She doesn’t allow herself to watch the show at any other time.

The Hidden Brain is a weekly podcast. The attached episode, “Creatures of Habits – How Habits Shape Who We Are – And Who We Become”, is timely as well as practical for our clients. Resolutions are great, but habits are behavioral changes that last.

ABOUT EMP180°EMP180° offers personalized nutrition and weight loss programs designed to help individuals and entire families permanently change their health. Our highly trained nutrition coaches work with clients to help them transform their eating habits, achieve and maintain a target weight. We then provide life-long support, critical to maintaining a healthy lifestyle and optimal health long-term. For more information, please visit https://www.emp180.com/.

Mix and Match Meals with MightyMeals’ A La Carte Menu

These days I am all about simplifying my life. With MightyMeals’ A La Carte menu I can feed my entire family with their multi-serving menu items. It makes dinner time easy! 

Here are a few easy meals you can create using MightyMeals’ A La Carte menu: 

Meal #1: Grilled Chicken with Asparagus and Roasted Red Potatoes

Make this simple, fresh, easy meal utilizing MightyMeals’ A La Carte menu items. I recommend ordering at least 1lb of each (typically I order 2 lbs of chicken twice a week) item to use in multiple ways throughout the week. 

Roasted Red Potatoes: 1 lb of rosemary roasted redskin potatoes. (currently unavailable)
Ingredients: Red Potatoes, Olive Oil, Garlic, Parsley, Rosemary, Sage, Salt, Black Pepper.

Grilled Chicken: 1 Pound (lb) of Chicken Breast

Ingredients: Chicken, EVOO, House Seasoning

Asparagus: 1 Pound (lb) of Asparagus 

I typically portion out 3oz of Grilled Chicken, 2oz Red Potatoes and 1 cup of Asparagus onto a plate and heat in the microwave for 1 to 2 minutes.


A second way you can utilize the grilled chicken, red potatoes and asparagus is to put them in a casserole dish with as little olive oil, chopped garlic and lemon and bake at 350 degrees for 20 minutes. Super simple way to change up the meal with very little effort and time! 

Meal #2: Bistro Steak with Orzo Salad and Green Beans

If you haven’t tried MightyMeals’ Bistro Steak you need to add one to your cart RIGHT NOW! It is AMAZING! It’s so good that I often grab a piece and eat it cold when I pass by the fridge. 🙂 For this quick meal I use the Green Beans to create a balanced meal that includes 3oz of Bistro Steak, 1 cup of Green Beans and 90 grams of Orzo Salad. These portions are what I typically eat and not necessarily for everyone. Basically put each item on a plate and eat! That’s how simple this is! 

Bistro Steak: 1 Pound (lb) of Bistro Steak
Ingredients: Beef, EVOO, House Seasoning

Orzo Salad: 1 Pound (lb) of Orzo Salad (currently not available) 

Ingredients: Orzo Pasta, Grape Tomatoes, Spinach, Red Onion, Balsamic Vinegar, Olive Oil, Garlic, Oregano, Parsley, Red Pepper Flakes, Salt, Black Pepper

Green Beans: 1 Pound (lb) of Green Beans


Meal #3: Shredded Buffalo Chicken with Red Potatoes and Green Beans

MightyMeals’ A La Carte menu makes the mix and match options endless! Grab your Red Potatoes and Green Beans and add the ridiculously delicious and popular Shredded Buffalo Chicken! Or if you are a fan of “Bowls” (think Chipotle or Cava) sub the Red Potatoes for either Jasmine Rice or Brown Rice as a base for your bowl, add in the Green Beans and Shredded Chicken. Or you can chop up the Green Beans and use them with the Shredded Buffalo Chicken to make an omelet! Go crazy and let your culinary imagination run wild! 

Shredded Buffalo Chicken: 1 lb of lean buffalo chicken breast slow cooked and pulled

Ingredients: Chicken Breast, Buffalo Sauce, House Poultry Seasoning

Roasted Red Potatoes: 1 lb of rosemary roasted redskin potatoes. (currently unavailable)
Ingredients: Red Potatoes, Olive Oil, Garlic, Parsley, Rosemary, Sage, Salt, Black Pepper.

Green Beans: 1 Pound (lb) of Green Beans


Need more inspiration? Check out a few of our A La Carte recipes on our blog!

Addie’s Maple Bacon Brussels & Sweet Potatoes

Olivia’s Steak Fajitas & Fiesta Green Bean Salad 

Check out all of MightyMeals’ family style, chef-prepared, healthy ready-to-eat options in one pound increments and add them to your order today: https://www.eatmightymeals.com/order/. Be sure to tag us on Instagram @eatmightymeals if you try out our A La Carte recipes! 

Turkey Taco Bowl

Tiffany’s Favorite MightyMeal: I love the Low Carb Bulgogi and the Turkey Taco Bowl!

About Tiffany Anzalone McCasland: Tiffany Anzalone McCasland is an award-winning strategic communications and marketing consultant. She is the founder of Angelle Media, a strategic communications consultancy with clients that include start-ups, nonprofits, government agencies, associations, real estate, and small businesses in the restaurant, health care and fitness industries. Her expertise includes a powerful mix of internal and external communications, digital strategy, content marketing, brand identity, website development, design and public relations. She has a Master’s in Mass Communications from Louisiana State University and a Bachelor of Arts from Boston College. She resides in Potomac, MD with her husband and son.

10 Tips for Working From Home

During these times of uncertainty, life can feel overwhelming and out of control. Here are a few ways to set boundaries and gain control when you’re feeling out of control because of having to modify our lifestyles, distance ourselves socially and stay home.

  1. Create a Daily Schedule – Maintain a healthy work/life balance. Just because you’re working from home doesn’t mean your workday needs to be longer than a typical day. Keep track of the time you spend working even at home. Just like you do at work, schedule your start time and end time. Create boundaries between work and home-life and stick to your routine.
  2. Schedule your meal and snack breaks – Set an alarm on your phone or watch and change your environment. Eating and working in different spaces will help keep the work/life balance lines from getting blurred.
  3. Schedule your workout -Make working out the first appointment of the day, you’ll feel more energized and motivated knowing that you’ve already gotten your exercise in for the day. You’ll also feel a sense of accomplishment. Here are some suggestions:
      • Morning walk- 20-30 minutes
      • 10 – minute stretch session
      • Body weight exercises (squats / lunges / planks / push-ups / sit-ups)
      • You Tube, Apps i.e. Peloton offers a lot of great virtual training
  4. Use your typical commute wisely – Do something active and/or restorative. Example: If it takes you 30 minutes to get to work, take a 30-minute walk or, take 30-minutes to meditate.
  5. Dress for success – Get out of your PJ’s and into NORMAL work clothes, even if it is a casual workday style. You’ll feel more productive plus you never know when your boss may want to video chat, be prepared.
  6. Designate a work location in your home – Pick a spot that is free from distractions i.e. a low traffic area.
      • Don’t work in your kitchen where you will be tempted to snack.
      • Don’t work in your bedroom. It is important to decompress and turn your brain off at least 1-2 hours prior to going to sleep. The bedroom should be a place of rest and relaxation.
  7. Get comfy, but not too comfy – Practice good posture; sit up straight in a chair that provides good back support. Avoid the recliner and your bed. If you have an exercise ball, that can be a fun option to use as a chair to help with posture and burn a few calories as a bonus!
  8. Stand up – If you are on a call and don’t need your desk, then walk and talk!
  9. Customize your work environment – do it your way! If you love rock-n-roll music, play it. If scented candles are your thing, light a candle.
  10. Spend time outdoors – Fresh air and sunshine will boost your mood and aid your immune system. Take a break from your computer screen and spend time in nature.  Here are a few of the benefits:
      • Strengthens immune system, good for digestion, and improves blood pressure and heart rate.
      • Fresh oxygen energizes and sharpens the mind.
      • Fresh air and sunshine help to regulate sleep/wake cycles.

ABOUT EMP180° – EMP180° offers personalized nutrition and weight loss programs designed to help individuals and entire families permanently change their health. Our highly trained nutrition coaches work with clients to help them transform their eating habits, achieve and maintain a target weight. We then provide life-long support, critical to maintaining a healthy lifestyle and optimal health long-term. For more information, please visit https://www.emp180.com/.

Build Muscle & Lose Body Fat with MightyMeals

Build Muscle & Lose Body Fat with MightyMeals

By: Virginia Kinkel

As a Personal Trainer and gym owner, I’ve spent countless years helping others transform their physique. For everyone, a positive change in your physique changes comes from two factors: either an increase in muscle mass, a decrease in fat mass or a combination of both. While it’s easy to determine what needs to change, it’s much more challenging to execute a plan. 

Fitness, what you’re doing for cardio and strength training, will inevitably have an impact, whether positive or negative, on your body composition. But that’s just a small piece of the puzzle. What most people struggle with is making consistent changes over an extended period of time in their nutrition. It’s easy to say “I need to eat healthier” but it’s much more challenging to know WHAT that looks like and HOW to make it happen. 

Enter MightyMeals. Not only does this meal prep company provide delicious, high quality food and amazing customer service, their A La Carte Menu options provide the perfect formula to set clients up for success. With the bulk items, from meat, to veggies, to carb options, all it takes is portioning out the food and heating it up. This is especially important during times like now when it’s so easy to fall in the routine of minimal exercise and poor eating habits. Below I’ve outlined two meal plans that rely solely on MightyMeals A La Carte Menu items (minus one thing) and can be executed for anyone. 

Below are outlines of two common clients we see at Bodymass including an estimated weight and typical body composition goals. While sometimes it’s actually easier to have a plan where all the meals are similar, that can become monotonous. To prevent boredom, the plans below include a variety of carb options, protein options and veggie options to allow the variety that most clients seek.  While there is some variety, MightyMeals offers so many other A La Carte Menu options there are almost endless pairing options.

Client A: Weighs 150 lbs and has a goal of decreasing body fat and maintaining lean (muscle) mass






Total Calories: ~1450

(45% Protein, 35% Carb, 20% Fat)

Client B: Weighs 250 lbs and has a goal of losing weight overall (ideally fat mass, but it might be a little lean mass too)






Total Calories: ~2200

(45% Protein, 35% Carb, 20% Fat)

If you’re looking for a more individual nutrition plan based on where you are currently, specific food preferences  and your goals, contact [email protected] for more information. And, as always, head over to MightyMeals to order your meal delivery!

About Virginia Kinkel
Virginia & her husband Kris opened the doors of Bodymass Gym in 2016 after realizing clients want more out of a gym. With a combined 25 years of experience and a base of science-driven programming, Bodymass offers DEXA scans, resting metabolic rate testing, nutrition coaching, in-house physical therapy and meal delivery options to help everyone achieve their goals.  Virginia is originally from Massachusetts, and began training while attending the University of Maryland where she earned her degree in Kinesiology. Her goal is to help people find healthy lifelong habits through Fitness & Nutrition. Virginia is a nationally ranked NPC Figure competitor, loves travelling, hiking, napping and spending time with Bodymass’ mascot, her dog Flex.

Grassfed Beef Lasagna

Virginia’s go-to MightyMeals menu item is definitely the Basil Pesto Chicken & Orzo… but my guilty pleasure is the Grassfed Beef Lasagna. I dream about those crispy edges… it’s SO good!

Connect with Bodymass Gym!
Follow Bodymass Gym on Facebook & Instagram for more information.

EMP180° Weight Loss and MightyMeals Partner

EMP180° Weight Loss and MightyMeals Partner

Making Good Nutrition and a Healthy Lifestyle Even More Accessible

EMP180° Weight Loss is excited to announce a partnership with MightyMeals, a local meal prep company delivering convenient, healthy meals to your doorstep.

As part of this partnership, EMP180° clients will receive a 10% discount on MightyMeals orders. MightyMeals’ Executive Chef, Stefano Marzano, worked closely with EMP180°’s lead nutritionist to create a low carb menu tailored to the specific nutrition guidelines of the program. MightyMeals will help EMP180° clients add variety to their diets while remaining compliant with the EMP program. Additionally, MightyMeal’s clients will receive complimentary EMP180° consultations, including a body composition analysis.

“The EMP180° partnership with Mighty Meals just made sense” said James Moore, EMP180° founder. While COVID19 may be changing your daily routine, “We’re open for business and with fewer distractions, our clients are even more focused on their health” Spending more time at home is part of the new norm and the convenience and variety that MightyMeals offers makes it even easier for EMP clients to eat healthy, exercise and focus on their overall wellness.

“We are excited about our partnership with EMP180°. We are aligning two companies with similar visions and missions, which is to empower people to live healthier lives by making healthy food easily accessible for everyone,” remarks MightyMeals owner Dan Graziano.

Make progress on your weight loss and wellness journey with the ease and convenience of healthy options from Mighty Meals. EMP180° clients can sign up for Mighty Meals on their website, (insert link). Easy and convenient, EMP approved meals are easily identified when ordering and can be filtered through the drop-down menu.

About EMP180°:

EMP180° offers personalized nutrition and weight loss programs designed to help individuals and entire families permanently change their health. Our highly trained nutrition coaches work with clients to help them transform their eating habits, achieve and maintain a target weight. We then provide life-long support, critical to maintaining a healthy lifestyle and optimal health long-term. For more information, please visit https://www.emp180.com/.

About MightyMeals:

Founded in 2015 by two fitness professionals and a classically trained chef, MightyMeals believes high-quality, healthy food should be accessible to everyone. The Burke, Virginia company provides a convenient, healthy meal delivery service made with locally sourced ingredients by chefs, offering a wide array of meals on a menu that

changes weekly. MightyMeals provides home delivery in the DC metro area four days a week. Our mission is to empower people to live healthier lives by being the leading provider of healthy, high-quality, locally sourced, chef-prepared meals that are delivered to you. Take the guesswork out of your nutrition so you can spend your time doing the things you enjoy. Visit www.eatmightymeals.com and use code TRYUS to receive a free meal. Follow MightyMeals at @eatmightymeals for updates on new locations and tasting events.

We’re Donating Meals – You Can Help

We’re Donating Meals – You Can Help 

Join the #MightyMovement to Support Our Community

By: Christine Bean

If there’s one thing we’ve learned during the Covid-19 crisis, it’s that we are all in this together! We launched the #MightyMovement to support our local community and fellow small businesses in three ways. First, we partnered with locally owned restaurants and gyms and are offering DOUBLE Mighty Points for every gift card you purchase on the Mighty Movement website

Second, in partnership with The PUSO Foundation, Hearts of Empowerment, and Trophy Body Personal Training, we have been accepting donations via GoFundMe to provide healthy, fresh meals to hospital staff members. We are grateful to have a team of generous partners who all have the same goal in mind; to give back to the selfless members of our community who are risking their lives to save others. We are delivering meals every Saturday to hospitals in our community. The first hospital was George Washington University Hospital and the second was Inova Fairfax Hospital. This coming Saturday we will be delivering 100 meals to Medstar Georgetown University Hospital Center. 

The PUSO Foundation stands for Purposeful Unconditional Service to Others, and their mission is to provide hope with a purpose. As strong believers in making a difference, they have pledged to donate $1,000 in addition to what is raised in the fundraiser. Hearts of Empowerment is a charity that creates strategic fundraising events to empower other Non-Profit Organizations around the world. They have pledged to donate $750 in addition to what is raised from the #MightyMovement. Trophy Body Personal Training is owned by Chase Mckesey, a Northern Virginia native, who has coached and empowered thousands. Trophy Body PT will be hosting “Free Weekly Social-Distance Outdoor Workouts” for hospital staff members. MightyMeals has pledged to match 25% of all donations, which means if we hit our goal of $5,000, we will have raised a total of $8,000 in meals!  

Third, within the past three weeks we have donated 100s of meals to our community! You can donate meals directly to our community via our website. The organizations we have donated MightyMeals to include:  Restoration Arlington, Montgomery County Police and Fire Training Academy, Alexandria Police Department, Real Food for Kids/Bayou Bakery, and New Hope Housing.  

We are honored to give back to the community who has given so much to us, and we wouldn’t be able to do this without the help of our #MightyFam! Join the #MightyMovement today by purchasing gift cards to your favorite local small businesses, donating MightyMeals to our community or by donating meals to hospital workers who are working tirelessly on the front lines. If you want to join as a restaurant, or as a MightyMeals pickup location, simply fill out this form. Together, we are MIGHTY!

Keeping Your Immune System Strong

Keeping Your Immune System Strong

By: Inez Sobczak, BS. Nutritionist & CPT-NASM

“Food is medicine and exercise is the cure;” this sentiment is truer now, than ever. As a health and fitness coach, and owner of Fit-Nez, my focus has always been on helping my clients learn how to best fuel their bodies. During the Covid-19 crisis, I have put together an Immunity Guide in order to help each of us better navigate these uncertain times, while keeping our immune system strong. 

A poor diet combined with an intense exercise schedule, lack of sleep, and stress, can compromise your immune system. You are what you eat, so we need to make sure we are fueling our bodies with all the right nutrients, especially during this season of Coronavirus. Luckily, MightyMeals is here to help us stay on track. Now, it’s up to us to keep our bodies moving, hydrate, get enough sleep, and stay at home. We got this!

Download my Immunity Guide for wellness tips, recipes, workouts, and more. Check out the following Fit-Nez workout that you can do easily at home, to get your heart rate up and burn fat!

Fit-Nez 2020 Workout
Complete these 20 exercises for 20 reps each (2-3 rounds)

  1. Over and Under for lower abs 
  2. Squat Jumps
  3. Side Plank Oblique Rotation (20 each side) 
  4. Walkout + push up  (stand up) 
  5. Mountain Climber with  twist (20 on each side) 
  6. Full Body Crunch with 4lb medicine ball 
  7. Shoulder Taps
  8. Deadlifts (toes turned in) 
  9. Dips with Plate (25lbs)
  10. Pop jacks – thruster into a low squat, hands come up
  11.  Wall Sit -1 minute
  12. Superman
  13. Sprinter Sit-ups
  14.  Lunges
  15. Goblet squats
  16. Shoulder Press
  17. Renegade Rows
  18. Chest flies
  19. High knees for 20 seconds
  20.  Weighted Squat on Bosu
Pulled Beef BBQ

About Inez Sobczak

Inez Sobczak, founder and master trainer at Fit-Nez, has more than 15-years of experience as an innovator in health and fitness. Her approach to healthy living combines clean nutrition with a sensible approach to exercise that produces positive transformations for her clients. Inez stays focused on her Fit-Nez clients, helping them learn how to best fuel their bodies and their workdays.  She holds more than a dozen different health, fitness and nutrition certifications, is a national-level Figure competitor, OrangeTheory coach, marathon competitor and widely recognized expert in corporate wellness.

Inez’s Favorite MightyMeals Dish: The Pulled Beef BBQ

Connect with Fit-Nez: Follow Fit-Nez on Facebook, Instagram and visit www.fit-nez.com for more information.

MightyMeals’ Pickup Partners Provide Virtual Workouts

During the CoronaVirus crisis, we are here for our #MightyFam, and our amazing pickup partners are, too. Here’s a rundown of how our pickup locations are providing you with virtual workout classes, nutrition tips, and more, while you’re staying at home. 

Crossfit South Arlington
This CrossFit studio is offering three separate packages, virtual personal training through the Zoom video app, nutrition coaching with weekly in-app check-ins and progress meetings, and a tailored training program with up to five days of workouts per week and virtual one-on-one progress meetings. Join their Facebook group, or follow their Instagram and Facebook pages for more info. 

Verity Speed & Strength
This strength and conditioning gym in Dulles is posting home workouts for their clients via Facebook Live, and members can join their private Facebook group. For more information, follow them on Instagram and Facebook

CrossFit Lorton
To keep their community active at home, CF Lorton is providing their members with three workouts per day.  They have also loaned out equipment to each member, so that they would have what they need at home. Their athletes have been challenged to run as many miles as possible within the next thirty days, and the gym will donate $1 per every mile the winner runs to a local small business that is being affected by everything going on. Follow them on Instagram and Facebook for more. 

Old Glory Gym
To challenge their athletes to continue working-out, Old Glory will be posting virtual workouts to their social media pages, and members will be rewarded with gift cards to other small businesses. Follow along on Facebook and Instagram for more. 

The Conditioning Room
This Arlington gym is loaning out equipment to members, streaming “at-home” workouts, and will be hosting outdoor workouts when the weather allows. Check them out on Instagram and Facebook to stay updated. 

Ashburn CrossFit
They are open for business, but are capping their classes at nine to comply with CDC Guidelines, as well as following all other recommended guidelines. Follow along on their Instagram and Facebook pages for more. 

Bodymass Gym
This Arlington fitness center is offering free Instagram Live workouts every other day, as well as access to their online programming via email.  Members will receive emails with fitness and nutrition tips. Check out their Instagram and Facebook pages to stay updated. 

This CrossFit gym is offering free, at-home workouts for members through Wodify, or non-members can pay $50 per month for access. The gym is open until further notice, but there are currently no drop-in’s offered at this time. For more information, follow them on Instagram and Facebook

CrossFit PR Star
They are providing their members with at-home workouts via Wodify, conducting virtual classes, hosting cooking shows, and providing feedback via text. They are challenging their members to eat #realfoodfirst, and to post photos of all their healthy meals using that hashtag. Take a look at their Instagram and Facebook pages for more. 

F45 Ashburn
This team training gym is offering free workouts each day via their Instagram account, or you can follow them on Facebook to stay up-to-date.

TITLE Boxing Club of Rockville
This boxing club is offering 30 days FREE on the TITLE Boxing Club on Demand app. Title trainers are also sharing workouts on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and via email to members. They are running a contest for members to tag them on Facebook or Instagram when they take a class on the app for a chance to win a free month and free personal training! 

We are proud to support our pickup locations, and are thankful to have you all as a part of our #MightyFam. Stay home, stay active, and stay healthy!

Vida Fitness
Even during times of uncertainty, it’s important to stay active. VIDA is working hard to bring you quality workouts that you can do from the comfort of your own home. Keep checking back for a variety of pilates, HIIT, strength, and cardio based workouts that you can do anywhere!  Access Vida’s home workouts here: https://vidafitness.com/homeworkouts 

SoldierFit Sterling
SoldierFit is doing daily LIVE at home style boot camp class workouts via their private online training group on Facebook. Additionally, they are holding nutrition webinars, health/fitness webinars, accountability groups and offering in-home or virtual personal training until all of this subsides. They are offering 7-day trials of the platform to ANYONE who wants to check them out OR would like their help to keep them healthy, active and engaged in a supportive community during this difficult time. All you gotta do is click the link and apply! Keep up with SoldierFit on their Facebook page

We are proud to support our pickup locations, and are thankful to have you all as a part of our #MightyFam. Stay home, stay active, and stay healthy!

MightyMeals CoronaVirus Update

MightyMeals CoronaVirus Update

MightyMeals Coronavirus Update 3/16/2020 

Important Information:
Home Delivery Only: Due to the Coronavirus and recommended social distancing, Pickup Locations are not available at this time. Please enter your address during the check-out process and ensure that we deliver to your home. 

A few things: 

  • Home Delivery is now reduced to $7.99
  • Home Delivery is FREE with orders of $130 or more 
  • Delivery is available in DC, Maryland and Virginia 

More Delivery Days: 

We are increasing our delivery days in order to ensure that we can feed our #MightyFam during this time of social distancing. We are now delivering (to homes only) on Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday. 

Contactless Deliveries: 

Due to social distancing, the driver will text you when they are on the way and will provide contactless delivery by leaving your order at the door. Our drivers are equipped with gloves and hand sanitizer and will use a new pair of gloves for each order. Please understand that for the safety of our drivers and for our customers that we will leave the orders at your doorstep unless otherwise instructed. 


Dear Mighty Fam,

At MightyMeals, we are in the business of providing you with the highest quality, healthy food and it’s our top priority today, and everyday, to maintain the highest level of cleanliness in our kitchen. As the ongoing news of the COVID-19/Coronavirus hits closer to home, we would like to share with you the precautions we are taking. Your health and safety is always our first priority.

From start to finish, everything at MightyMeals happens under one roof. We locally source all of our ingredients which never leaves our 37°F refrigerated prep room. All of our ingredients are cut, prepped, bagged, and packaged in the refrigerated prep room. This is something that makes us unique in comparison to our competitors; a lot of companies do not take the same safety precautions that we do at MightyMeals.

We are closely monitoring the advice and guidance from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the World Health Organization (WHO). We want to take this opportunity to let you know of the policies and procedures we are putting in place surrounding COVID-19/Coronavirus. 

What We Are Doing:

  • Educating our employees on preventative measures provided by the CDC.
  • Increasing the frequency and extent of our cleaning practices, such as additional wipe downs of all hard surfaces. 
  • Providing additional resources that are available to employees including hand sanitizers, extra soap and paper towels in the restrooms. 
  • Implementing heightened sanitation and hand-washing procedures for all employees.
  • Discouraging all personal contact within our kitchen. 
  • All kitchen staff wear full-covered mouth pieces and head wear at all times, including gloves.
  • We adopted a no handshake policy

During this time MightyMeals is a great resource for you! We can provide you with healthy meals delivered straight to your home for free for orders of $130 or more. We provide contactless deliveries by leaving your order on your doorstep per your instructions. Our meals are fresh up to 6 days and can be frozen for up to 3 weeks. 

We will continue to work around the clock to ensure our teams are going above and beyond in keeping our kitchen safe. Thank you for your patience and trust in MightyMeals. Our goal is to ensure you remain confident in choosing MightyMeals as your meal prep company of choice. Please know that your health is a priority in everything that we do.

We are confident that our kitchen is safe and will continue to operate as normal. 

If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please feel free to contact us.

Thank you & stay healthy,
The MightyMeals Team 

Partner Spotlight: Heretic CrossFit

Partner Spotlight: Heretic CrossFit

By: Christine Bean

We recently chatted with Heretic CrossFit owner, Dr. Craig Stiritz, about their doctor-led program being the “cure for the common gym,” and how his athletes are adding MightyMeals to their routines while taking meal prep off their plates!  

How did Heretic CrossFit get its start? 

Dr. Stiritz: The gym has been around since 2013, but I took over in April 2017. Back in 2010, I was working as a chiropractor, and a friend introduced me to CrossFit.  I got hooked, and began doing it more and more. In 2013, the gym was split-up, and I followed the old owner over to the gym that we are at now. In 2014 my second daughter was born, and my wife and I decided that I’d stay home while she opened up her own practice.  The owner of the gym asked if I ever thought about coaching. I have a background in understanding the framework of the body, so he thought that coaching may be second nature to me. I received my Level 1 CrossFit certification in 2015, and coached for two or three years before the owner decided that he wanted to sell the gym and asked if we wanted to take it over.  My wife and I discussed it and agreed that it would be a seamless transition if I took over, since I was already a coach there. It ended up going smoothly and it’s been a success!

What makes Heretic CrossFit unique?

Dr. Stiritz: We really focus on the coach-client relationship.  We have professional coaches who do this as their profession, full-time.  All of our coaches have four or five years of experience,and they are professionals. Every client is assigned a specific coach who will be in your corner, acting as your advocate. Basically, you have a dedicated personal trainer without having to pay a personal training fee. The community has built a great retention tool, which is why group training fitness has been so successful.  When I began coaching, I realized there are so many things that go on in a CrossFit workout, everyone is at a different scale or level. I thought, if I could just have one hour of these athletes’ time, one-on-one after class, I could zone-in on what they need to improve on, and it could drastically improve their movement pattern. The coaches touch base with them after class to see if there are any concerns or questions. Clients can go back quarterly, bi-monthly, to train and get better at specific movement patterns.  We definitely are unique in the fact that we have a hybrid model of group classes and personal training. We are also the only doctor-led gym in the area. 

How did you get introduced to MightyMeals?

Dr. Stiritz: I was at a SuperFit competition at CrossFit Lorton, when their former owner introduced me to MightyMeals co-founder Dan Graziano. We had been using another meal prep company that closed their doors.  Dan and I spoke over email, and the rest is history! I have had several members who have been begging me for a meal prep service, so they are really excited for this partnership. 

How do you think MightyMeals will benefit your members?

Dr. Stiritz: MightyMeals will be monumental for giving those who need a dedicated food prep service what they need. Whether they are concerned with counting macros, having a set meal plan, something to make life easier for them, or just one less thing they have to worry about, MightyMeals will have that covered for our athletes.  Across the board, everyone is just trying to eat better, and this can be one less meal they have to worry about each day. Not to mention, a delicious and healthy meal! 

Pulled Beef BBQ

What is your favorite MightyMeal?

Dr. Stiritz: I’m a huge barbeque lover, so I would have to say the Pulled Beef BBQ.

About Dr. Craig Stiritz
Being an avid athlete his whole life, from karate to swimming to weightlifting, Dr. Stiritz has always had an interest in fitness and health. In high school, he achieved all-state status in the individual medley and breaststroke in swimming in the state of Florida.

He continued his love of fitness and health at the University of Florida where he focused on exercise physiology and exercise and sport sciences. This led him to study the underlying framework of the body, the spine, at Life University in Marietta, GA where he obtained his Doctorate of Chiropractic. He hopes to bring his past wealth of knowledge to Heretic CrossFit to help its members become better on their journey of fitness and developing a healthy lifestyle.

Connect with Heretic Crossfit
Follow Heretic on Facebook & Instagram to stay up-to-date!

Partner Spotlight: Inergy

Partner Spotlight: Inergy

By: Christine Bean

This week, we sat down with Kelly Young, owner of Inergy in Chantilly, VA, to hear about their unique combination of outdoor bootcamp classes supplemented with an indoor training studio, and how MightyMeals has been a huge convenience for their members, in more ways than one. 

How did Inergy get its start?

Kelly: Inergy actually started as “Kelly’s Bootcamp.”  I lost my father in January of 2008 and held a fundraiser bootcamp in his honor. The “Black Friday Bootcamp” was the first of my outdoor bootcamps, and it was a really positive experience. I loved the vibe of seeing all levels, all ages, working out outside and coming together for a cause.  I realized that it was truly my calling, and soon started an outdoor bootcamp on Saturday mornings. At that time, my entire life revolved around my kids, so this was something that I could do for myself. Everything happened very organically, and once people started telling me they wanted to workout more than just Saturdays, I began adding more classes. In 2017, I decided to open an indoor space to compliment the outdoor bootcamp. My clients really wanted to have more variety, more impact and less restrictions.  It has been a success, although my true dream has always been to teach fitness outside in a parking lot! The energy is amazing, and it’s opened the door to a different group of people who wouldn’t normally walk into a gym. We have really established ourselves in a unique way.

What makes Inergy unique?

Kelly: We have a small community feel, but we offer so much.  The introduction of Inergy was such a positive thing for our bootcamp members. I always tell people to start where they’re comfortable. For some people, that’s a barre or yoga class, something that isn’t super intimidating.  When they get more comfortable and want to explore more, we can still keep them within our community, and they can slowly try a new type of class. It’s a comfortable, and not intimidating, environment. People usually come in with one type of workout class in mind, and within a few months they end up doing ten different things!  Another unique factor is how much we truly care. Money, or the number of people who walk through the door, are not what drives me, it’s all about making a difference in people’s lives. The coaches I’ve hired have come from within our community. We all really want the best for each person there. It’s a very inviting, and positive place to be.  Our atmosphere is, “just show up and come as you are!” Some people really thrive in that type of environment, they can see themselves improving and get really excited about it.  

How did you get connected to MightyMeals?

Kelly: We had a food prep service we were using, but when they went out of business, I was definitely on the look-out for another one. MightyMeals co-owner Dan Graziano reached out, and coincidentally, a friend of his took a few classes at Inergy, so we formed a connection pretty quickly. I was impressed with how seamless the set-up process was! 

How does MightyMeals benefit your members?

Kelly: When I hear clients talk about their struggles and challenges, it all comes down to meal prep. Everyone wants to eat healthy food, they just don’t always have the time to prepare it. I am very into food and my personal nutrition, so I know that knowing the macros up-front and having everything listed-out makes life ten times easier for my clients. It’s just a fantastic convenience. There’s even an added motivation to go to the gym on MightyMeals pickup days. I’ve heard people say, “I really was not in the mood to workout today, but I need to get my MightyMeals!”  The menu variety is great, you can really mix it up and try new foods each week.

Mediterranean POWER Bowl

What’s your favorite MightyMeal?

Kelly: I really love the Mediterranean POWER Bowl!  I’m not a vegetarian, and I don’t eat a ton of carbs, but it’s so good! My son is a big fan of the Low Carb Bulgogi

About Kelly Young
Kelly has 25 years of experience teaching and training as a fitness professional. She is a certified Personal Trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine, and has her Masters in Public Health (MPH). Kelly has thoroughly enjoyed a rewarding career of helping people make incredible, lifelong transformations. She spent much of her career teaching group exercise classes in studios and gyms. She takes her role as a health and fitness professional very seriously, and believes that she has a gift when it comes to bringing out the best in her clients, helping them to see how powerful being healthy, and strong, can feel! 

Connect with Inergy
Follow Inergy on Facebook & Instagram to stay up-to-date!

7 Healthy Habits to Prevent the Flu

7 Healthy Habits to Prevent the Flu

By: Elaina Enjetti

The CDC reported that approximately 12 million people have contracted the flu and 12,000 deaths have occurred this flu season.  We all know that getting your flu shot is one precautionary measure you can take but that is still no guarantee. Washing your hands, disinfecting surfaces and covering your mouth when you cough are all good practices but what it really comes down to is how strong your immune system is from fighting off infections and viruses.  Did you know that our immune system is built in the gut? Yup! Your gut is responsible for numerous other things like sleep, mood, hormone function… It’s imperative that we give the body the most optimal environment to thrive. 

Here are some things to consider when trying to develop a bulletproof immune system:

  1. REDUCE STRESS: The grind never stops for us here in the District.  We’re constantly attached to our phones/laptops, swimming in deadlines and the mental stress creates inflammation in the body which then turns into a war zone for our gut.  Stress comes in all different forms including over exercising, dehydration, mental stress, emotional stress, anxiety, and lack of sleep. That’s where MightyMeals comes in! MightyMeals takes the guesswork out of your nutrition and gives you time back!  When I use MightyMeals for my meal prep, I save so many hours that I’m able to focus on other things on my to do list!
  2. SLEEP: Recovery is extremely important when it comes to combating mental/physical fatigue.  You should aim to get 7-9 hours of quality sleep. Melatonin, which is the hormone responsible for helping you fall asleep, is produced in the gut.  So, if you’re having a hard time with sleeping, you may want to evaluate your food choices.
  3. Caribbean Jerk Salmon

    EAT A HEALTHY DIET: Giving your body and digestive system quality dense foods is the best way to help your immune system.  Things like fruits and vegetables, good sources of fat that are high in Omega-3, and quality protein will help deliver the most optimal nutrients to fuel the bacteria that live in our gut.  MightyMeals has multiple salmon dishes on their menu that are high in Omega-3. Add the Caribbean Jerk Salmon, Salmon Cakes, Salmon Zoodle Puttanesca and the À La Carte Salmon to your next MightyMeals order! In fact, any of the 100+ menu items are great additions to your diet!

  4. EAT FERMENTED FOODS: Probiotics are super trendy these days.  BUYER BEWARE! Do your research on products that label probiotics.  Best thing to do is eat your probiotics! Kimchi, sauerkraut, kefir, yogurt, komubchas… These are better than the probiotics that’s in your sugar laden oatmeals.  Tip: MightyMeals’ dressings and dips are yogurt based!
  5. WATER: The nectar of life! With all that good food and fiber you are eating, you MUST make sure your body has enough water to digest and process.  The majority of us walk around like shriveled up prunes and don’t even know it. Rule of thumb is to get at least half your body weight in ounces and an additional 15-20 per hour of exercise.  Water is essential for all bodily functions and can affect all of the above so drink up! 
  6. Steamed Broccolini

    FIBER: This is plant food to our gut microbiome (microorganisms that live in your digestive system to protect and fight the nasty critters). Fiber is not only great for keeping you satiated, but it creates a stable environment for good bacteria to grow.  It helps control blood sugar and keeps your bathroom visits regular. 🙂 All of the veggies on the MightyMeals menu are high in fiber. The À La Carte Broccolini and any of the dishes with brussels sprouts and sweet potatoes are great for adding more fiber to your meal plan!

  7. LIMIT REFINED SUGAR: The sugar from your fruits/veggies are not the same as the sugar in your candy bar.  There is yeast that is present in your gut and the more sugar you feed it, the more bad bacteria can grow.  You must tame the beast by eating less sugar and more natural food! If you have sugar cravings, this could be a sign that you might have an imbalance of good to bad bacteria. 

Start incorporating these practices to help you stay healthy and strong.  What I like about MightyMeals is they combine all macro friendly options that hit each category (Carbs/Fiber, quality Protein, fresh veggies and healthy fats).  Make sure to switch it up to give your gut a healthy dose of different nutrients. Don’t forget to order from their À La Carte menu to fill in those gaps! 😊

About Elaina Enjetti:
Elaina Enjetti has been a Certified Personal Trainer and Wellness Coach in the Washington, DC area for the last 12 years.  She has dedicated herself to helping others find a more holistic approach to wellness through healthy lifestyle behaviors.  Her philosophy around health includes: stress management techniques, mindset therapy, and women’s hormone health with a focus on gut health.  She has helped many people find a practical and sustainable way to live and thrive in our busy world. Her vast experience working with many individuals with different ailments has gained her a reputation among her peers.  Follow her on Instagram to learn more about her work: @elainaenjetti.nutrition.

Elaina’s Favorite MightyMeals Dish: Seared Tuna

Seared Tuna

Partner Spotlight: Pulse Fitness

Partner Spotlight: Pulse Fitness

By: Christine Bean

This week, we caught up with Lisa Platnik, owner of Pulse Fitness in Bethesda, as she discussed their cutting-edge, “everything under one roof,” principle, and why MightyMeals has been the talk of the gym when it comes to quick, healthy, and delicious meals!

How did Pulse Fitness get its start?

Lisa: I opened up Pulse a little over seven years ago, having been in the gym and fitness world for over 25 years. When we opened, it was simply group exercise classes, personal training, and a Pilates studio.  We have grown to three Pilates studios, yoga, cycling, group exercise, a regular gym, and we offer personal training. We have been named “Best of Bethesda,” or a runner up for the past seven years in a row, and I was named one of the top personal trainers.  All of our trainers and instructors have knowledge of working with people of all skill levels. We can work with ages 15-90 with modifications. Our classes are kept small so you get that individual training.

What makes Pulse Fitness unique?

Lisa: We really treat everyone as if they are part of our family. We know everyone’s name; for example, if someone hasn’t been there in a while we call and make sure they’re ok. It’s a tight-knit and supportive community; everyone becomes fast friends and knows that the instructors truly care about people getting the best workout possible.  All of our trainers have over ten years of experience, with the Pilates instructors having over 20 years. There are no other Pilates studios in the D.C. area with the amount, and variety, of equipment that we have; we have four CoreAligns and three fully-equipped, cutting-edge Pilates studios. We also offer massage therapy and physical therapy. Everything is under one roof!

What connected you to MightyMeals?

Lisa: Someone from MightyMeals actually reached out to us, and coincidentally, I had been looking for a meal delivery system. I could tell right away that it was going to be a great match.  I really liked the bulk and ala carte options, and I love that you can change your order weekly. I’m all about variety, so it’s important to me that my members aren’t stuck having to choose from a limited menu each week. MightyMeals definitely has an awesome variety, there is something for everyone.

Seared Tuna

How does MightyMeals benefit your members?

Lisa: My members are always telling me that they want to eat clean, but they also are in need of convenience. Everyone is searching for ways to eat healthy without spending two hours cooking each night, so if someone can do that for us then we are all about that!  It is a daily conversation with people at the gym, “Where do you get your food? Have you found any healthy takeout places lately?” Being able to have MightyMeals as the answer to those questions has been life-changing for so many of our members.

What is your favorite MightyMeal?

Lisa: I love the Seared Tuna; I’m all about fish, veggies, and rice!


About Lisa Platnik
Founder, Lisa Platnik, is the heartbeat behind Pulse Fitness. Lisa believed in a gym where clients could find everything they needed on their fitness journey under one roof. Whether it’s Pilates, cycling, even on-site Physical Therapists; Lisa knows a person’s health and wellness depends on a strong support system. From the compassionate instructors to the cutting-edge apparatus, Lisa has built the foundation of Pulse Fitness on making a positive difference in your life. She has developed and directed group exercise and Pilates programs in the D.C. area for more than 26 years and was twice honored as “Best of the Best Personal Trainers” by Bethesda Magazine.

Connect with Pulse Fitness
Follow Pulse on Instagram and Facebook to stay up-to-date!

Partner Spotlight: TITLE Boxing Club

Partner Spotlight: TITLE Boxing Club

By: Christine Bean

This week, we sat down with John Sahakian, owner of TITLE Boxing Club in Rockville and North Bethesda, to learn about their unique, full-body workout, and how MightyMeals helps their members stay on-track when it comes to portion control.

How did TITLE Boxing Club get its start?

John: TITLE is a franchise that started in Kansas City in 2008 and now has over 160 locations in 22 states and three countries.  I worked in corporate America for 20 years, and I left my job not knowing what the heck I was going to do with my life. I began working with a franchise coach in order to look into which franchises would be the best to own. They narrowed down the list of which companies I should look into, and TITLE was one of them.  I flew out to Kansas City, met with the owners, and did the workout (and was extremely sore)! I was into fitness but had never tried boxing. It really made me appreciate what an intense workout it is. Boxing has been around forever, but people are just now realizing it is a great full body workout. So, I went for it; our Rockville location has been open for five years now, and we have a second location in North Bethesda. 

What makes TITLE unique?

John: I would say, definitely the workout itself. There’s something about using a 100lb bag in your workout that makes it different.  It’s truly a full body workout, not just upper body. People are always surprised when their legs are super sore the next day. It really works out your core too. It’s a huge calorie burner, and a huge stress reliever. You can hit that 100lb bag as much as you want, release a lot of endorphins, and feel like you are on top of the world. It’s really cool to know that you are learning an actual skill here. To hit a heavy bag requires a certain level of skill, and you feel like you are actually learning something. We really stress the word ‘club’ not ‘gym.’ Our sense of community here is a big part of who we are. There’s a really welcoming feeling when you walk in; our members feel like it’s their second home. We offer kickboxing and MMA, as well.

How did you get connected to MightyMeals?

John: I initially heard about MightyMeals through your Media and PR partner, Tiffany McCasland, who just happens to be married to one of my business partners, Chris. I then connected with MightyMeals co-founder Dan Graziano. We had a member appreciation day with vendors, etc. MightyMeals had a table set up, and it was a big hit. I’m always looking for ways that I can benefit my members so they can get more out of their membership here. It doesn’t hurt that the meals are fresh and delicious!

How does MightyMeals benefit your members?

Low Carb Bulgogi

John: A lot of my members are coming in specifically with a goal of losing weight.  Portion control is a big problem; these days everyone is so busy and there is practically no time to meal prep.  There are not always healthy choices around that are quick to prepare or eat. MightyMeals’ portion-controlled dishes not only help them lose weight, it saves them time and creates an opportunity for more work-life balance.  TITLE being a MightyMeals pick-up location adds more value to their membership, and it has been a seamless process for our employees to adapt to, as well.

What is your favorite MightyMeal?

John: I have several favorites, but if I had to choose one, I think it would be the Low Carb Bulgogi




About John Sahakian
John was born in Washington, D.C. and grew up in Potomac, Maryland. He went to Walt Whitman High School in Bethesda and attended
Wake Forest University in Winston Salem, North Carolina. He worked 20 years for a Fortune 500 company, locally as well as in Germany and St. Louis. John has always been into fitness. While looking into what he was going to do next in the chapter of his life, he stumbled across the TITLE Boxing Club. John’s biggest enjoyment has not only been bringing the results people want out of a fitness routine, but the culture and TITLE family that has come from opening his first location in Rockville.

Connect with TITLE Boxing Club
Connect with TITLE on Instagram and Facebook to stay up-to-date!

Macros 101

Macros 101

By: Chase McKesey, founder of TrophyBody Personal Training

Let’s talk “Counting Macros”. Like almost anything fitness related, a google search or water-cooler conversations with coworkers will lead you down a rabbit hole of conflicting and confusing information from unqualified sources. My goal is to clarify the what, the why, and the how behind counting macros as well as provide some actionable methods you can apply immediately; as in, 10 minutes from now.

Why Count Macros?:

Counting Macros is the preferred “dieting” method for my clients for a few reasons. First, it considers that not all calories are equal; something that simply counting calories does not. In other words, it takes into consideration that eating 1,000 calories worth of chocolate is not going to yield the same results as eating 1,000 calories of MightyMeals. Next, the variety and adaptability within counting macros makes it sustainable. Any and all foods are available to you with this “dieting” method and adjustments can easily be made when changes come in your health, life, and goals. Most importantly, counting macros will teach you the contents of different foods. Learning this will teach you to intuitively balance your diet and enable you to live a life free of tracking, logging, and weighing food. Understanding what you’re eating rather than simply eating what a diet tells you to is the key to a good relationship with food. Last but not least,  counting macros just flat out works. Below is an example of my client, Justin, who applied the simple steps and concepts I am going to outline in this blog.

Justin B. 12 Weeks Results from Counting Macro with the method in this blog


What are “Macros”?:

Macros, short for Macronutrients, are the nutrients that make up the calories in our foods. When their values are combined, they make up the 100% of the calories in food. These nutrients are Fats, Carbohydrates and Protein.

What is Counting Macros?:

Counting macros takes the process of counting total calories one step further by counting how many calories each specific macronutrient is responsible for. For example; counting calories would be setting a goal of consuming no more than 1,000 calories. Counting macros takes the additional step of setting a goal for how many of those 1,000 calories comes from fat, protein, and carbohydrates respectively.

Set up YOUR Macros:

Here’s the only tricky part: setting your specific parameters for the percentage of your calories you want each macronutrient to be responsible for. Let’s, again, say your goal was to eat 1,000 total calories; how do you determine what percentage of those calories come from proteins? From fats? From carbohydrates? The answer is not concrete. 

The uniqueness of each person’s body and their goals dictate what macronutrient split will work best. You must first make an educated guess; assess; then adjust. I have helped hundreds of clients do just that and enjoy great results by establishing a baseline with the steps below. Take 10 minutes and get yourself going:

    • Calculate your Caloric Goal by multiplying Your Body Weight (lbs) by the Multiplier below that corresponds to your goal:

*For Example: If John weighed 100 lbs. and his primary goal was Muscle Gain, he would Multiply 100 x 15 = 1500. John’s caloric goal would be 1500 calories per day.

        1. Make an Account
        2. Select “More” (Bottom Right) > “Goals” > “Calorie, Carbs, Protein, and Fat Goals”
        3. Enter the Caloric Goal from step 1. Then enter the percentage of Carbs, Fats, and Protein from below:

*Continuing with the same example from step 1, John would enter 20% for Fats, 40% for Carbs, and 40% for Protein because his goal is Muscle Gain.

*Notice when entering the percentage, it also gives you a total in grams for each macronutrient.

Tracking YOUR Macros:

        1. Select the blue “+” Sign > “Food” > Click your meal of choice
        2. Search for your desired food or scan barcode on label
        3. Adjust serving size
        4. Tap the checkmark on the top right
  • Check Your Progress:
        1. Select the “Diary” tab (Bottom Left)
        2. Scroll to bottom and select “Nutrition” (Top Left)
        3. Select “Macros” (Top Right) OR “Nutrients” (Top Middle)
        4. View how close you are to hitting your Macro & Calorie Goals
        5. Aim to be within +/- 2% of your macro goals each day

Life-Saving Tips:

Here are some tips I strongly suggest based on my experience with hundreds of clients. 

Make your life easy.

  1. Track AHEAD of time, NOT in real time – Set aside some time to enter in your food ahead of time. Create a grocery list or make choices off menus ahead of time, make sure they fit your macro and calorie goals, then simply eat all of the food you have planned for. Trying to track as you go and seeing what will and won’t fit will become extremely tedious, inaccurate, and will lead to Frankenstein meals where you end up with a quarter banana, an ounce of broccoli, 6 peanuts, and hummus just to fit your macros.
  2. Eat MightyMealsBefore you think this is a shameless plug, consider two things. First, MightyMeals tend to be very macro-friendly and the website has menu filters that will assist the process of fitting the meals to your goals. Second, all of the MightyMeals are already in MYFITNESSPAL app; simply search for them.
  3. Meals First, Snacks SecondStart by entering the meals you want to eat into the app. Meals are not as adjustable as snacks and we also want to enjoy the foods we are taking time to prep and sit down to eat. Once the meals are entered, see where the holes are in terms of meeting your macros goals. Then, cater your snacks to fill those holes. For example, if you were short on fats after entering your meals, add in a fatty snack like almonds to fill the gap.
  4. Be PatientThis isn’t Amazon. Goals aren’t delivered in two days.

This should be plenty to get started! So, Just. Get. Started.

About Chase McKesey: Chase McKesey, founder of TrophyBody Personal Training, grew up in Springfield, Virginia where his youth revolved around year-round sports. At the end of his athletic career, Chase severely missed the competition, comradery, as well as the physical and mental challenges that sport had provided him for so long. Fitness soon filled this void. The lessons learned on the field and the court translated into his workouts and eventually into his coaching. Like sports, everything in the gym was earned; never given. Chase believed strength, long-lasting health, and longevity can only be achieved through consistent effort and perseverance; much like a trophy at the end of championship season. On this principle, TrophyBody Personal Training was born. Chase was determined to coach and empower those willing to put in the work by putting them in the best possible position to succeed.

Since its inception in 2016, TrophyBody has helped 1,000’s of people earn a relationship with their health that they can wear proudly. TrophyBody has established itself as a community leader in its hometown of Washington D.C. as Chase has taken on health-based initiatives to include Mayor Muriel Bowser’s #FITDC campaign and being named Head Strength Coach for the Washington Redskins Cheerleaders. TrophyBody Online, the newest evolution of TrophyBody, is due early Spring 2020.

Chase’s Favorite MightyMeals Dish: Ropa Vieja

Ropa Vieja

5 Tips to Stay on Track During the Super Bowl

5 Tips to Stay on Track During the Super Bowl

By: Addie Claire Merletti, MS, RD, CSCS

YAY Sports!

As a food enthusiast, Super Bowl weekend is second only to Thanksgiving when it comes to national make-all-the-foods days. I take the menu very seriously – maybe because I’m from a city whose team has never actually won a Super Bowl, so excellent snacks are all we’ve got!

As a Registered Dietitian, I’m tired of the excuses tied to these national eating days. Except for January, there’s a food or drink-based (lookin’ at you, March) holiday every single month. Until and unless you learn sustainable ways to approach the way you eat/drink on these days, you will be stuck on the “getting off track” roller coaster.

Gochujang Baked Chicken Wing

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, moderation is mandatory. It is also much harder to practice than unsustainable extremes. Let’s use IPAs for an example. Bob’s favorite beverage in the world is a big, hazy, boozy IPA. His friends all like to hang at beer gardens on the weekends. Bob decides that for 2020, he’s given up IPA. He has been drinking light beers instead. Every time he goes out, he wishes he could have an IPA instead, and does not enjoy drinking the light beers nearly as much. Now it’s Super Bowl weekend, and he’s been off his favorite drink for 32 days. It’s the Super Bowl though, and Bob is from Kansas City! Bob decides this day is his exception. He drinks 6 IPAs and is miserable at work on Monday and has some serious bloating going on. Bob is mad at himself and swears off it again. But then comes Saint Patrick’s Day…

What if Bob had just decided that when he goes out, he can have 1 IPA and then switch to the light stuff? Ultimately for the month, he would have had less IPAs this way and enjoyed at least his first beverage. This applies to all of the food and drink that are “best enjoyed in moderation”. You’re going to need to learn to apply moderation eventually, so why not start there instead of all these “detoxes?” Here are 5 tips for enjoying Super Bowl Sunday so you can wake up and feel good on Monday morning:

  1. If you’re hosting, make sure there are options for folks who are trying to practice moderation. Throw some cans of flavored seltzer in the cooler and pick up a veggie tray from the grocery. Yes, people will eat it.
  2. Alternate your alcoholic beverages with water. This is a marathon, not a sprint.
  3. Eat as much as you like but put everything on a plate first. This helps with mindfulness and is easy to do.
  4. If you’re headed to someone else’s house, bring something that you’ll feel good about eating. Luckily for y’all in the DMV, MightyMeals is making this crazy easy by offering all their wing flavors in 25-packs this week! They are baked vs. fried and served with yogurt dipping sauces. Add them to your order for home delivery ONLY on Super Bowl Sunday, February 2.
  5. Have fun!

Meet Addie Claire Merletti, MS, RD, CSCS:  AC is originally from Charlotte, NC and got her Bachelor’s degree in both psychology and Spanish at UNC Chapel Hill. She worked in community mental health before going back for her Master’s in Nutrition at Meredith College in Raleigh, NC. AC fell in love with sports nutrition while working with the dietitians at Notre Dame University during her intern year. She feels passionately about using balanced nutrition to support a balanced life, and enjoys helping people use food as a tool to bust through plateaus and hit their goals! Addie is always down to try a new workout and absolutely loves to cook and try new foods. She can make lots of fancy dishes, but her favorite food is anything that resembles PB&J. AC is one of four VIDA Fitness Registered Dietitians.

AC’s favorite MightyMeal is the Basil Pesto Chicken & Orzo.

Basil Pesto Chicken & Orzo

Partner Spotlight: McGinn IP Law Group

Partner Spotlight: McGinn IP Law Group

By: Christine Bean

This week, we caught up with Geoff Pechie, Patent Attorney at McGinn Intellectual Property Law Group, and longtime MightyMeals customer. Geoff gave us insight into why having a trademark is so important for a growing business, and how MightyMeals has changed the game for his weekly meal prep routine.

How did you get your start at McGinn IP Law Group?  

Geoff: I’ve been a patent attorney at McGinn since 2012. Basically, what I do is find local businesses that are growing, and I reach out to make sure that they have their trademarks’ protected.  It’s important to make sure that another meal prep company can’t come in and steal your logo or name, and start delivering meals on the west coast with the name MightyMeals. A trademark is the most inexpensive way to make sure that no one else in the United States can do what MightyMeals is doing. 

What makes McGinn unique?

Geoff: We have over 125 years of experience in our field. We pride ourselves on being a smaller firm, having a one-on-one connection with our clients. If they have an issue, they can call each of the attorneys directly. We find our general responsiveness, and our experience, sets us apart from other firms. 

How did you get connected to MightyMeals? 

Geoff: I, personally, have been a client of MightyMeals for about two years, and I really rely on my weekly order! One day, when I was picking up my meals, I happened to think about whether or not MightyMeals has a trademark to protect their branding. I gave MightyMeals co-founder, Dan Graziano, a call, and told him that I am a loyal customer who happens to be a patent attorney. I explained how protecting the MightyMeals logo and branding is crucial as the company continues to expand, since those two things are the most valuable assets you have. If we were alerted that another company was operating under the name MightyMeals, McGinn would send them a cease and desist letter, asking them to stop selling the product under that name. MightyMeals would have to sign the letter, and McGinn would mail it and wait for the company to either stop or respond. Now that MightyMeals owns the trademark, they are open to many more options, including the rights to the domain name, “MightyMeals.com.” The issue of MightyMeals, one word, versus Mighty Meals, two words, comes down to reasonable equivalence; you have to ask the question, “would a consumer confuse my goods with their goods?

Grassfed Beef Lasagna

How does MightyMeals benefit you?

Geoff: The best reflection of a company is a referral. I got my wife hooked on MightyMeals, and now my colleagues and friends from the gym are ordering it, too. Back when I was single, it was very hard to meal prep, go to law school, go to work, and eat healthy.  What MightyMeals gave to me is that I could get a complete, healthy meal at a great cost, and it was really good quality. I planned my orders so that I could eat the meals throughout the week. It saves me hours per week, and the best part is that the food is exactly what I’d choose to prepare if I did my own meal prepping… except better, because I’m not a great cook! The bulk option was the biggest draw for me; I could order a few pounds of steak and chicken, and use that meat throughout the week, adding vegetables, etc. That, to me, is why MightyMeals is the best. My wife and I both love different meals, so most weeks we end up practically ordering the entire menu!

What is your favorite MightyMeals dish? 

Geoff: The Grassfed Beef Lasagna is definitely my favorite. It’s SO good, it’s such a treat, and very filling. It’s a guilty pleasure that I could eat every Sunday night! 

About Geoff 

Geoff Pechie has been a registered patent attorney at McGinn IP Law Group since 2012. He received a Bachelor of Science degree in Aerospace Engineering in 2010 from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in Daytona Beach, Florida.  In 2017, he earned a Juris Doctor degree from the Antonin Scalia Law School at George Mason University, with a focus on patent and trademark law, as a part-time evening student while working at the firm as a registered patent agent. 

Geoff is a member of the Connecticut State Bar, and is registered to practice before the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Geoff has also co-authored (with Mr. McGinn) an article entitled “Inventorship and Data Export of Inventions Invented in the United States” in “PATENT”, published monthly by the Japanese Patent Attorneys Associated (JPAA).

Connect with McGinn IP Law Group

Find out more about what McGinn can do for your growing business at www.McGinnIPLaw.com.

Partner Spotlight: Kaizo Health

Partner Spotlight: Kaizo Health

By: Tiffany Anzalone McCasland

This week, we caught up with Lucas Braga, Director of Strategic Partnerships at Director of Strategic Partnerships at Kaizo Health, a local chiropractic and rehabilitation practice with 5 locations around the DC area, to learn about Kaizo’s research-based approach and how MightyMeals fits seamlessly into into their treatment plans.


How did Kaizo Health get its start?

Lucas: Kaizo Health was started 25 years ago at our Rockville office by our CEO, Dr. Jay Greenstein, who combines physical aspects of rehab and chiropractic medicine. Kaizo Health provides state of the art comprehensive care by combining chiropractic, physical therapy, rehabilitation and patient education to eliminate symptoms, restore full function and promote a healthy lifestyle. Our highly qualified doctors provide care to a wide range of patients for a variety of musculoskeletal conditions. Kaizo Health’s team includes doctors of chiropractic, certified strength and conditioning specialists, massage therapists, certified chiropractic sports doctors and doctors with specialty postgraduate degrees.

What makes Kaizo Health unique?

Lucas: Everything we do here is continuously vetted by research and driven by research whether it is research that is done in-house or not. The Kaizo Clinical Research Institute is our non-profit arm that conducts clinical research on musculoskeletal injury treatments and prevention. Kaizo Health was recently awarded a $1.7 million grant from NIH for research. Our practice is driven by science and research, where we combine both physical therapy and chiropractic care. We are constantly leveraging new technology to add a level of objectivity to the treatments we deliver, since rehab in general can be pretty subjective. We also offer our patients a free mobile app where they can easily schedule appointments, earn rewards, watch rehab videos, and soon will be able to order their MightyMeals!  

What connected you to MightyMeals?

Lucas: I have known MightyMeals’ co-founders, Stefano, Dan and Alex, for a long time. Currently, our tech team is developing a functional medicine component to our mobile app which will tie-in nutrition and how it plays an important part of healing. We partnered with MightyMeals for the nutrition aspect.

How does MightyMeals benefit your members?

Lucas: As holistic practitioners we understand the importance of clean and nutritious foods. We have seen the difference in our patients who have wholesome, high-quality foods. We deal with a lot of high stress people and we understand that people don’t have the time, nor do they prioritize cooking healthy meals and this is how MightyMeals can help our patients get better. It is so important to have a good healthy diet when you are healing and maintaining your health. Part of rehabilitation is muscle building so you need to fuel your body with the right food.

What is your favorite MightyMeals dish?

Lucas: My favorite meal is definitely the Shredded Buffalo Chicken.

About Kaizo Health: Kaizo Health is an industry leader in patient-centered care, built to ensure the health and happiness of our patients and our communities. Using evidence-based chiropractic rehabilitation treatment and the latest technology, we’ve helped more than 80,000 people in the Washington DC region live pain-free lives. Kaizo Health accepts most insurances, and offers discounted cash plans for military and

Connect with Kaizo Health: Follow along with Kaizo Health on Facebook and Instagram.

Special Offer for MightyMeals Customers: We all know that proper nutrition is key to fuel our bodies and perform at our best, but are you giving the same love to your joints and muscles? Pain is your body’s way of saying: “something is wrong.” Schedule an appointment with Kaizo Health today and we’ll give you a free Dry Needling session ($50 value). Most insurances accepted. Learn more and book your appointment now!

Partner Spotlight: MooseFit

Partner Spotlight: MooseFit

By: Christine Bean

This week, we caught up with Matthew Moosavian, Co-Founder of MooseFit and Recover, 6 time CrossFit Sanctioned Event Qualifier and the 2020 Fittest Male in DC, to learn about MooseFit’s holistic approach to health and wellness, and why MightyMeals’ menu fits seamlessly into their clients’ nutritional plans. 

How did MooseFit get its start?

Matt: The name comes from a nickname I’ve had my entire life, “Moose.” My Dad was “Moose,” even my sister is “Moose.” As JD and I started to become better friends, I found out that he also had the nickname “Moose”. We wanted to start something immediately; we had thought-up a bunch of different ideas and have grand visions, but we knew for sure that the basis of MooseFit would be holistic wellness. Our goal was to create a holistic approach to wellness, fitness, and nutrition. As athletes, we also have an interest in recovery and as a result we have a second company under MooseFit called Recover, where we carry CBD oil products, cream, oil and powdered isolate. 

What makes MooseFit unique?

Matt: There are so many other brands and companies out there that are focusing on just one variable in the wellness equation. To effectively improve wellness you need to spend equal time focusing on all variables of the wellness equation. We are confident in the fact that MooseFit covers all variables of the holistic wellness equation; programming and coaching (exercise), routine, meditative wellness reflection, and nutrition. We marry all aspects of wellness together to offer our clients a fully inclusive and comprehensive approach to wellness. 

What connected you to MightyMeals?

Matt: I have been a customer of MightyMeals since the beginning. As an athlete, I truly rely on MightyMeals for my meal prep, knowing that I am eating healthy and sticking to my macrosis vitally important to my success as an athlete. I really enjoy the meals, and rarely miss my weekly order! It was great being able to reconnect with MightyMeals co-founder, Dan Graziano, at a LDR Leadership Conference recently. 

How does MightyMeals benefit your customers?

Matt: MightyMeals plays very well into the approach that we are taking with holistic wellness. You can’t really have an entire wellness picture without a strong nutrition background. We are now able to offer our clients one of the best meal prep delivery services in the DMV, and through MightyMeals they don’t have to spend time meal prepping and are never stuck without a meal or forced to eat an unhealthy takeout/delivery meal. MightyMeals menu is something that the MooseFit co-owners and I have talked a lot about. One of the aspects that is stressed a lot, particularly with the clients that we have, is the timing of when you eat and what you eat. Many of our high-level athletes are on a branded, MooseFit meal plan that could sit inside MightyMeals. We always recommend MightyMeals to our clients who need to save time when it comes to meal prepping.

What is your favorite MightyMeals dish?

Matt: I really love the Shredded Buffalo Chicken, it’s always been one of my favorites. 

About MooseFit:
MooseFit is a health and wellness company focused on helping individuals reach their full potential. Combining best practices from both holistic wellness and competitive fitness, MooseFit delivers a comprehensive playbook for individuals from all backgrounds and capabilities to become the healthiest and most capable versions of themselves. MooseFit was inspired by two former U.S. Special Operations Commanders turned entrepreneurs, and a former Division I Athlete turned competitive CrossFit athlete.

Connect with  MooseFit:
Follow along with MooseFit on Instagram for more info! 

MooseFit Discount for MightyMeals Customers: MightyMeals customers will receive a free month of programming with the purchase of a 4 month package (4 months for the price of 3! Contact MooseFit at: info.moosefit.co

A Mighty Neighborhood: H Street Corridor

A Mighty Neighborhood: H Street Corridor

By: Christine Bean

D.C.’s H Street Corridor has evolved and changed drastically over the past few years, and MightyMeals is thrilled to finally have a home on H Street, with a pick-up location inside Pacers Running. Fifteen years ago, H Street looked like a string of boarded-up, vacant buildings, but today you see a neighborhood transformed, with new development and a community of active, young professionals. 

Lauren Palmere works, lives, and spends the majority of her time on H Street. As the property manager of 360H Street apartment complex, which was built in 2013, Lauren has seen a great deal of change in the neighborhood within a short amount of time. “We were probably the second apartment complex on the block, and five more have been built since then,” Lauren remarks. One exciting change in the past few years involves the influx of mainstream fitness companies on H Street, including MADabolic Fitness Training, OrangeTheory, SolidCore, several CrossFit studios, and more. “Everything is walkable, we are no longer a sketchy part of town.  You can walk to your workout class, walk next door to grab a coffee, and then walk across the street to grab groceries at Whole Foods,” Lauren explained. “It’s the ideal lifestyle!” As a weekly MightyMeals customer, Lauren couldn’t be more excited to have a pick-up location within walking distance from home! She orders a lot of the bulk items to use during the week, but says her “cheat meal” is the Sweet Chili Chicken Soba. Lauren is a big fan of variety; “I love how MightyMeals is always switching-up the menu and keeping meals interesting!”  

Hadley Zamperini has lived on H Street for three years, in addition to working at one of H Street’s most famous hotspots, Rock & Roll Hotel, for the past two. Like Lauren, Hadley can’t contain her enthusiasm for the H Street corridor’s continuous growth.  “H Street is amazing because everything is easily accessible; it’s your classic D.C. neighborhood! It’s an extremely friendly area, joggers will wave to each other on the street, and people definitely have the ‘work hard play hard’ mentality,” she explains. The healthy mindset of the residents on H Street has filtered into the Rock & Roll Hotel, which now offers a 100% plant-based menu at their pop-up restaurant, Bubbie’s Plant Burgers & Fizz, owned by creators of nearby H Street restaurants, Pow Pow and Sticky Rice.  “Our previous menu at Rock & Roll was basically burgers, fries, and grilled cheese, so it really speaks volumes to how much this area has changed.”  Hadley has been a supporter of MightyMeals since day one, and being a pescatarian, she is a big fan of the Caribbean Jerk Salmon

Caribbean Jerk Salmon

Pacers Running opened their doors on H Street in September, making it their sixth location in the DMV.  “H Street is an amazing neighborhood with so much activity and life, along with a lot of fitness enthusiasts, running clubs and crews,” says Pacers’ CEO Kathy Dalby. “We are very excited to be part of this lively community and supporting the runners who call H Street home.”  We feel the same way here at MightyMeals and look forward to taking care of all your meal prep needs on H Street!

Place your MightyMeals order today for delivery at Pacers Running on H Street: www.eatmightymeals.com/order

Partner Spotlight: CrossFit PR Star

Partner Spotlight: CrossFit PR Star

By: Christine Bean

This week, we sat down with Ryan Cage, owner of CrossFit PR Star in Chantilly, VA, to hear about how his studio is constantly evolving, and why their members look forward to their MightyMeals orders each week!

What makes CrossFit PR Star unique?

Ryan: We get this question a lot, I do a lot of podcasts and everyone asks me this question.  About three years ago, I really started focusing on making this a business versus a hobby.  There is really a big difference between some CrossFit studios that are just a hobby business.  My staff and I are constantly evolving. I always say, “We either evolve or we die.” If we aren’t constantly evolving, then we will just be another gym that falls to the wayside in five years.  We are constantly challenging ourselves to be better than we were yesterday. We are one big, happy family here, and most people really come here to feel good about themselves. We aren’t just one niche of CrossFitters, we have a real mix of athletes here. 

How did you get connected to MightyMeals?

Ryan: MightyMeals has been with us for about a year.  Several of our athletes told us that we needed to check it out, and one of them was friends with MightyMeals’ co-founder Stefano Marzano, so he really convinced me to give it a shot.  The owners came to the gym, and immediately everything just made sense. The meals are fantastic; our athletes really enjoy them. The set-up was so easy, we actually already had an extra refrigerator that they made a few modifications to, and we were ready to rock-and-roll.

How does MightyMeals benefit your members?

Ryan: Definitely the convenience and nutrition factors.  We do a lot of nutrition coaching and focus on macros, so having that on the label helps our members tremendously. There is nothing better than being able to avoid meal prepping but still eating healthfully. Honestly whenever I forget to order for myself, it ruins my week!   Every one of our staff members orders weekly. It’s also awesome that MightyMeals is a local company, and it is something that we offer that many of our competitors don’t.

What is your favorite MightyMeals dish?

Ryan: This is hard…there isn’t a bad dish out there!  I really love the Spaghetti and Meatballs. My son is a big fan of the Turkey Meatloaf.


About Ryan Cage

Ryan Cage is the owner of CrossFit PR Star, which has been in operation since 2012, in Chantilly, VA.  He is also the owner of Cryotherapy Advantage. When he isn’t working on expanding his businesses, he enjoys spending time with his wife and three children. 

Connect with CrossFit PR Star
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Partner Spotlight: Ashburn Crossfit

Partner Spotlight: Ashburn Crossfit

By: Christine Bean

We recently sat down with Lee Bunyea, Owner of Ashburn CrossFit, to hear about what makes their coaching staff excel, and how MightyMeals has given their clients the opportunity to save time and keep their nutrition in check.

How did Ashburn CrossFit get its start?

Lee: I found CrossFit around 10 years ago, when I was seriously overweight, north of 300 pounds. I was suffering from depression and going through a tough time, when a friend convinced me to come workout with him. He said he was doing something called CrossFit, and after the first workout I was instantly hooked! This was the start of a daily ritual which resulted in a significant amount of weight loss, and a passion for healthy living. I decided then that CrossFit was something that I wanted to share with others, so I got my Level 1 CrossFit certification and was later inspired to open Ashburn Crossfit in January of 2015. 

What makes Ashburn Crossfit unique?
Lee: Definitely our overall culture and customer experience. We make sure that our programs and classes are accessible to everyone.  It doesn’t matter if you haven’t worked out in 20 years, or if you’re a collegiate athlete, our coaching staff is well trained in tailoring any workout to any level so that everyone will achieve the results they’re looking for. Our staff and trainers are all certified, experienced, and continuously developing and growing. We also focus on safety, through proper movement, before adding intensity. Our goal is to help people be functionally fit and healthy well into their 90’s!

What connected you to MightyMeals?

Lee: MightyMeals reached out to me a while back, and I thought it would be a really great opportunity to give our clients the chance to save time by avoiding meal prep, but still eating healthy. I also really like that you don’t have to “subscribe,” you can order a la carte. It makes perfect sense for us to have this in our gym, and it’s been a huge success.  

How does MightyMeals benefit your members?
Lee: The majority of our members are married with kids and working full-time. So, from a convenience standpoint, it saves them the time it takes to prepare or meal prep. Also, they know they are putting high-quality food into their bodies, and they are not going to make a poor food choice due to time constraints.  

Bulk Flank Steak

What is your favorite MightyMeals dish?

Lee: Bulk Flank Steak! I use it in so many ways. Those bulk items are game-changers.

Connect with Ashburn CrossFit: Follow Ashburn CrossFit on Facebook or Instagram to stay up-to-date!

A Mighty Recipe: Maple Bacon Brussels & Sweet Potatoes

A Mighty Recipe: Maple Bacon Brussels & Sweet Potatoes

By: Addie Claire Merletti, MS, RD, CSCS


  1. Sweet Potatoes

    2 lbs Mighty Meals Bulk Sweet Potatoes

  2. 1 lb Mighty Meals Bulk Brussels Sprouts
  3. 2 tbsp Olive Oil
  4. 3 tbsp Pure Maple Syrup
  5. Salt & Pepper, to your taste
  6. 4 Strips Thick-Cut Bacon


  •   Preheat oven to 425 degrees. Put the bacon on a large rimmed baking sheet big enough to fit all the ingredients and bake until very crisp. Take out the bulk items so they can get to room temperature.
  •   Remove the bacon and put it on paper towels to drain. Pour off the bacon grease and make sure there’s no bacon stuck on the pan.
  •   In a large bowl, mix ingredients 1-4 very well. Add salt & pepper, keeping in mind you can add more later but you can’t take it out. Spread evenly on your baking sheet.
  •   Bake on the bottom rack for 15-20 minutes, tossing halfway through, until warmed through and crisp. Top with crumbled bacon.
Brussels Sprouts

Nutrition Facts

Calories: 162
Protein: 5
Carbohydrate: 27
Fiber: 4
Fat: 5

Meet Addie Claire Merletti, MS, RD, CSCS: AC is originally from Charlotte, NC and got her Bachelor’s degree in both psychology and Spanish at UNC Chapel Hill. She worked in community mental health before going back for her Master’s in Nutrition at Meredith College in Raleigh, NC. AC fell in love with sports nutrition while working with the dietitians at Notre Dame University during her intern year. She feels passionately about using balanced nutrition to support a balanced life, and enjoys helping people use food as a tool to bust through plateaus and hit their goals! Addie is always down to try a new workout and absolutely loves to cook and try new foods. She can make lots of fancy dishes, but her favorite food is anything that resembles PB&J. AC is one of four VIDA Fitness Registered Dietitians. 

AC’s favorite MightyMeal is the Basil Pesto Chicken & Orzo.

About VIDA Fitness: VIDA is a premiere health and wellness club comprised of six locations all throughout Washington DC. Our gyms boast state-of-art equipment, and uniquely designed spaces to make your workouts both efficient & productive. We offer a wide array of group fitness classes and personal training options to ensure that everyone is comfortable and supported in achieving their fitness goals. VIDA is all about creating community, and making sure everyone who walks in our doors feels like they are part of our family. Please email [email protected] if you’re interested in learning more about our nutritional counseling services. Connect with VIDA on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Holiday Survival Guide

Holiday Survival Guide

By: Addie Claire Merletti, MS, RD, CSCS

It’s a tale as old as time: you grind through the summer and fall on your health and fitness goals. After October 31, things start to fall apart a little. By November 30, the wheels have completely come off and you decide to put off your goals until January. In doing so, you also lose a ton of your progress and end up starting almost where you started last January.

WHAT IF you focused on maintenance through this quarter? Here are a few ways you can maintain your progress, and more importantly not feel like garbage by January 1st

  1. MOVE your body: You may not have time for your usual 1.5-hour workout. That doesn’t mean it’s worthless to go to the gym. Get out of the all-or-nothing mindset and remember that a few sets is better than no sets. Also, you know you need the stress relief and mood boost that exercise provides right now.
  2. DRINK the water: It’s cold, you’re less thirsty. You’re drinking more wine/eggnog/whiskey. Being less hydrated will not only make your skin dry, but also can prevent you from proper workout recovery! Aim for ½ your body weight in ounces daily.
  3. EAT the veggies: See if you can eat 5 servings/day. This will keep your energy up, and your GI tract feeling happy. If you’re using MightyMeals, this is easy! Sure, marinara sauce counts. Here are a few high-veg meals I like:

Chicken POWER Bowl

(This is 2 lunches for me!)

Bruschetta Chicken

(Pro Tip: add shaved parmesan)

Low Carb Breakfast*

(If you get 2 servings at breakfast, the rest of the day is easy!)

  1. PLAN for success: Look ahead at your week every Sunday or Monday. Be realistic about how many meals you have time to prepare, and about when you have time to exercise. Be careful making social plans at the end of crazy workdays. Consider meeting a friend for a workout instead of another drink.
  2. PARTY smartly: Whatever you do, don’t show up starving. Try to eat all of your food off of plates to keep you mindful of the balance. Find all the vegetables you can (see #3) and make sure your plate is ½ full with them! Do your best to alternate your alcoholic beverages with water (see #2 and also, hangovers). This is a marathon, not a sprint!

Go get ‘em, tigers!
– AC

Meet Addie Claire Merletti, MS, RD, CSCS: AC is originally from Charlotte, NC and got her Bachelor’s degree in both psychology and Spanish at UNC Chapel Hill. She worked in community mental health before going back for her Master’s in Nutrition at Meredith College in Raleigh, NC. AC fell in love with sports nutrition while working with the dietitians at Notre Dame University during her intern year. She feels passionately about using balanced nutrition to support a balanced life, and enjoys helping people use food as a tool to bust through plateaus and hit their goals! Addie is always down to try a new workout and absolutely loves to cook and try new foods. She can make lots of fancy dishes, but her favorite food is anything that resembles PB&J. AC is one of four VIDA Fitness Registered Dietitians. 

AC’s favorite MightyMeal is the Basil Pesto Chicken & Orzo.

About VIDA Fitness: VIDA is a premiere health and wellness club comprised of six locations all throughout Washington DC. Our gyms boast state-of-art equipment, and uniquely designed spaces to make your workouts both efficient & productive. We offer a wide array of group fitness classes and personal training options to ensure that everyone is comfortable and supported in achieving their fitness goals. VIDA is all about creating community, and making sure everyone who walks in our doors feels like they are part of our family. Please email [email protected] if you’re interested in learning more about our nutritional counseling services. Connect with VIDA on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Partner Spotlight: The Conditioning Room

Partner Spotlight: The Conditioning Room

By: Christine Bean

This week, we sat down with husband-and-wife team, Mike and Brittney Savitch, owners of The Conditioning Room, to hear about their one-of-a-kind, functional fitness studio, and how their clients love the convenience aspect of MightyMeals. 

How did The Conditioning Room get its start?

Mike: My wife, Brittney, and I opened The Conditioning Room this past July.  I previously owned Verve Health and Fitness in Rosslyn, and Crossfit Praxis in D.C.  I really wasn’t looking to open another gym, but this opportunity fell into our lap, and we felt like we should give it a shot. Brittney and I actually thought-up the name about 12 years ago and hoped to one day use it. Our partner, Dillon Behr, is a former Army Green Beret Wounded Warrior who has owned a CrossFit gym and helped us out in the past by teaching a yoga/fitness combo, Vetoga, which is really cool. We were excited when he approached us wanting to invest. Our mission was to develop a program that would be the complete package of health and fitness, designed for the common goal of improved strength, power, speed and endurance.  

What makes The Conditioning Room unique?

Brittney: Mike has been in the fitness industry for a long time, he’s actually a bobsledder who represented the Virgin Islands in the 2002 Winter Olympics. We met when I hired him as my personal trainer, so a good portion of our relationship has been working-out together. A couple of years ago, I saw Mike get into a rut with fitness. It was slowly filtering out of his life, and I felt like it was such a shame because he was totally checked-out.  I said to him, “What is it going to take for you to get back to enjoying fitness? This is our livelihood!” He basically said,”I don’t want to train to go to the Olympics again, but I want to feel the way that I felt when I was training. I want to feel like an athlete again.” He went on to explain to me exactly what that training was like. I realized that it was very similar to exercises that I was familiar with, but more fun and exciting… we just needed to make little tweaks! I had the idea of creating a program based off of this, that the general public could follow-along with and enjoy. So, that is our program at The Conditioning Room; a modernized strength and conditioning program that is complemented by explosive training. I’ve never seen these two programs programmed as a unit before; we are blending the strength and explosiveness together to create better movement patterns. We would rather have our members move weight well instead of focusing on how much they can lift at one time, (and possibly get hurt.) What we have created is something so different, yet still functional movement that will never go “out-of-style.” These exercises will benefit our members for life; nothing is linear in life in terms of our movement, so we are conditioning people to work in all directions. 

How did you connect with MightyMeals?

Mike: We had tried a few different pre-made meal companies and weren’t in love with them.  Dillon had gotten a free week of meals from MightyMeals and absolutely raved about them. He told us,“I seriously cannot believe I am eating something that’s healthy!” We immediately ordered some and honestly ate every drop out of each of the containers. Brittney and I were so impressed with the quality and taste, and we agreed with Dillon’s surprise that something so healthy could be so delicious! Even dishes that we don’t typically enjoy, we find ourselves loving the MightyMeals version. That says a lot about the quality, and we really want to offer quality meals for our clients. We believe that 5-8% of this whole thing is nutrition.  With MightyMeals’ help, we have seen our clients get the results they want. It’s familiar, simple food; delicious and filling!  

How does MightyMeals benefit your members?

Brittney: We’ve had MightyMeals here since our doors opened, and the response from our clients has been amazing.  We’ve really been pushing it to our one-on-one clients. They love the convenience of having the meals available to pick-up at the gym. They tell us that they don’t have to worry about meal prepping, or what will happen if they get off late from work, starving, and end up grabbing something that isn’t healthy.  Overall, the convenience of having healthy, pre-made meals has made their lives so much easier.

Sweet Chili Chicken Soba


What is your favorite MightyMeal?

Mike- I’m a big fan of the Sweet Chili Chicken Soba; not gonna lie, some weeks I order 4 or 5 of them! Our 3-year-old daughter loves to eat the Philly Cheesesteak Pita with me, too.

Brittney: I am a Mexican fanatic, and MightyMeals really delivers on the Mexican front! I love the Chicken Enchilada Casserole and the Carnitas Tacos… so good!  

About Mike & Brittney Savitch

Mike grew up in the Virgin Islands surfing and playing baseball. He was born an athlete destined for the professional level. While studying athletic training at Jacksonville University, he sustained a career-ending injury that would ultimately take him on a different journey. After thorough rehabilitation followed by dedicated training, Mike joined the Virgin Island bobsled team in 1995. He spent the next several years traveling the world, training with the world’s top athletes. The Virgin Island team qualified and then competed in the 2002 Winter Olympic Games in Salt Lake City, Utah. This is one of Mike’s proudest accomplishments to this day.Mike has built a very successful personal training business with clients that range in needs, age, and ability. Mike’s expertise in bio mechanics make it possible for him to tailor each and every session to the individual. This ability has provided his business with solid client retention.

Brittney dedicated her childhood and early years of career to dance performance and instruction. She attended NPTI (National Personal Training Institute) and became a certified personal trainer. This certification led her to Arlington, VA, where she met and began to train under Mike Savitch. There she learned and began perfecting training skills that prepared her for personal and group fitness training. Later she took a position as the head trainer of a small boutique gym and dedicated her time and effort to Metabolic Conditioning training. She programmed a 7-day MetCon routine for the classes and instructed them all. Brittney then accepted a full-time position at Potomac CrossFit, where she furthered her experience in training both power and Olympic lifting in a group setting.

Connect with The Conditioning Room

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Partner Spotlight: Noble Athletics

Partner Spotlight: Noble Athletics

By: Christine Bean

This week, we caught-up with Laura James, owner of Noble Athletics, to hear about their goals as a group-level personal training studio, and how MightyMeals keeps their clients in check. 

How did Noble Athletics get its start?

Laura: My husband, Nathan, and I have always been passionate about fitness. About 7 years ago, we realized that our area had a need for more functional fitness studios and classes. On a whim, we decided to give it a shot. We figured that the worst case scenario was that we would be fit! Nathan and I really wanted to focus on helping people live a longer, healthier, and easier life through training on injury prevention and nutrition. Our goal isn’t to turn our clients into competitive athletes, we just don’t want them ending up in an old folks home!  We now have two locations, one in Sterling and a second in Purcellville.                                                                                                      

What makes Noble Athletics unique?

Laura: We specialize in variety and customization. We focus on functional fitness, and we have a wide range of athletes in our gym; some people come-in knowing exactly what they are doing, and others need some modification. We purposely place a variety of athletes in each class and, thanks to our awesome staff of trainers, we are able to scale up or down to everyone’s ability. Another unique thing we offer at Noble Athletics is the Strongman competition and Olympic weightlifting. 


How did you get connected to MightyMeals?

Laura: I believe that MightyMeals co-founder Dan Graziano reached out to us with information about MightyMeals. We were hesitant at first, because we had tried other meal prep companies in the past and weren’t crazy about the quality. But, Dan came to the gym with samples, and when we tasted the meals, we were blown away! We absolutely loved the food, (Nathan and I are big foodies!) We were really impressed by the flexibility and variety of the meals and the ability to order bulk foods.  

How does MightyMeals benefit your members?

Laura: Anytime I hear someone complaining about “time” and “food,” I tell them to order MightyMeals. It really helps give you a little bit extra time that you would have spent meal-prepping. The moment one of our clients falls off the bandwagon, they start ordering MightyMeals regularly and the weight begins to fall-off. Everything is healthy and protein-packed, which is ideal for us and our athletes. It can only help your physique, you can’t go wrong! 


Sweet Chili Chicken Soba

What is your favorite MightyMeal dish?

Laura: Ooh, this is tough.  It’s probably a toss up between the Sweet Chili Chicken Soba and the Grass Fed Beef Chili

About Laura & Nathan James
After competitive sports were mostly over, Laura and Nathan both turned to the gym to find that outlet again. Filled with passion and knowledge, they discovered CrossFit and quickly realized the lack of education in the health and fitness industry. Nathan and Laura first opened their doors early in 2013. They built a solid foundation to preach the truth of fitness through CrossFit and went from a 3,000 square-foot facility to a 5,000 square-foot facility in Sterling. 

Five years later, they decided they wanted to reach more people and opened a second location in Purcellville. Both locations have an amazing community with people that are like family. The support they give each other inside and outside of the gym is extraordinary. People have become lifelong friends and even partners in life. There is no greater feeling knowing the impact Noble has had on so many.

When Nathan and Laura are not at the gym, you can find them hanging out with family and friends, on weekend getaways, eating, thinking about eating, absorbing the joys of life, and often training for a Strongman competition (for Laura). 

Connect with Noble Athletics

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Partner Spotlight: Berg Bites

Partner Spotlight: Berg Bites

By: Christine Bean

We recently caught-up with Daniel Berg, owner of Berg Bites, to hear about how this young, ambitious entrepreneur is fulfilling his childhood dream of making healthy snacks available for everyone, including MightyMeals customers. 

How did Berg Bites get its start?

Daniel: I’ve always been extremely passionate about health, wellness, and nutrition since about 5th grade. As a kid, I was very aware that I was eating crappy, sugary cereals, and it really bothered me!  Once I started high school, I started making these “health balls” in my kitchen at home. We would serve them to guests as a healthy dessert, and everyone loved them. Some people would even make to-go bags, which was really the best compliment. This was super exciting for me, and I knew that I would eventually want to package-up these bites to sell. My family thought I was crazy! But I had a vision; I wanted to make a positive impact on the food and beverage industry and wanted to change the way that people eat.  After high school, I came to D.C. to attend George Washington University and studied health, wellness, and organizational sciences. My mom would ship boxes of the energy bites to our dorm room, and they were a huge hit with my friends and roommates. We basically lived off of them! We weren’t really able to cook in our dorm, so these filled us up and satisfied our cravings for something sweet. Everyone agreed that I should just go-for-it and start making Berg Bites available to the general public. I discovered Union Kitchen in 2016 and started producing them there while I was a junior in college, baking at night and on the weekends. 

How is Berg Bites doing now?

Daniel: We are doing amazingly well; we are now rolling out 20,000+ units per month. We are still in Union Kitchen, but looking to move-out. We used to hand-roll each bite individually, but we have pretty strong machinery now. We are available on Amazon, some local Whole Foods stores, and have distribution in NYC, Chicago, and the D.C. area. 



How did you get connected to MightyMeals?

Daniel: As always, we were trying to find better suppliers for our ingredients, and we had a meeting with U.S. Foods. The sales rep saw that I was a young, fit guy, passionate about my small business and wanting to improve the way people eat. He said, “You really need to meet my friends over at MightyMeals!”  I shipped them samples, and MightyMeals co-owner Stefano Marzano contacted me to say that he loved the product. We got along right off the bat, and now we are great friends. I am super grateful for their support; for believing in me and trusting the product. We sell four different flavors of Berg Bites on the MightyMeals website, so be sure to add a few to your next order! 

Salmon Zoodle Puttanesca

What is your favorite MightyMeal?

Daniel: I’m a big fan of the Salmon Zoodle Puttanesca!  

About Daniel Berg

Daniel Berg is a health & wellness entrepreneur and Certified Personal Trainer, dedicated to clean, healthful foods that are fun, interesting, and nourishing to mind, body, and spirit. He has been innovating and seeing the goodness since age 10.  For satisfying your sweet tooth and for a handy, nutrient-dense snack, Berg Bites deliver long term energy with complex carbohydrates from heart healthy oats, essential fatty acids from nuts, chia seeds and coconut oil, and prebiotic fiber for gut health.

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Partner Spotlight: TrueBody

Partner Spotlight: TrueBody

By: Christine Bean

This week, we sat down with Robert Sherman, General Manager and Chief Fitness Officer of TrueBody in Bethesda, to learn about their cutting-edge approach to integrated fitness, and how MightyMeals is an important factor in their members’ nutrition program. 

How did TrueBody get its start?

Robert: TrueBody was founded by two brothers, Alain and Marc Cohen, who wanted to create a health club with a new approach. They hired me because not only have I been in the fitness industry for 35 years and managed several other facilities, but I was also a pioneer in bringing several new and innovative exercise programs to the DMV.  Our goal for this concept was to take the philosophy that I brought to them in terms of training, education, and transforming the way the body moves, and put that on a bigger platform. The program at TrueBody is designed to keep the body safe throughout the entire process and approaches the body where it is at. The goal of our holistic approach is to meet people on a foundational element; there is a lot of planning in the programming. We do our best to meet with each new member for a consult, to ensure that we can assist them in meeting their fitness goals. The essence of TrueBody is the personalization and the programming. Small group training is capped-out at 16 people so that the trainers can keep a close eye on each person in the room.  We have been open for just over a year now and have grown to over 400 members. We wanted to create an experience unlike any other, and what we have at TrueBody is definitely something special.

What makes TrueBody unique?

Robert: Unlike larger fitness clubs, we focus on a diverse program of classes, offering 30 different types of classes to cover all of your fitness needs, including strength, yoga, cardio, cycling, and restorative. We’ve made the investment to offer our members 115 classes to choose from each week, because we know that everyone has a different schedule and many people are no longer working a standard “9 to 5” day in the DC-area.  We aim to have flexible options so that our members can easily make time to work on their fitness nearly any time of the day. 

How did you get connected to MightyMeals?

Robert: Well, actually, the person who connected us with MightyMeals is sitting right in front of me! A former trainer of mine recommended that MightyMeals come to an event that of ours. We had continual conversations and decided it would be a great fit. Thanks to word-of-mouth; that’s how most of the best connections happen.

How does MightyMeals benefit your members?

Robert: MightyMeals benefits our members in that we let them know there is access to healthy eating and meal planning, in terms of content and healthy meal size, right here at the gym.  Proper nutrition is something we promote here actively. If you are going to take care of yourself it’s a three-part process: fitness, nutrition, and behavior. Good habits lead to better outcomes; good habits in terms of, our training, our eating, and our behavior. We aren’t focusing on how hard we can make people work-out, we are about helping people understand that they can truly feel good and be strong for the rest of their lives. I named this fitness club TrueBody because you have to understand your own body, and what it is capable of, in order to reach your full health potential. Until you address those needs, nothing else is going to change. “Understanding your TrueBody” is our message, and it simply means finding balance in your life through health and fitness. 

About Robert Sherman

Robert Sherman is the GM and CFO of TRUEBODY Bethesda. He has been a Master Instructor and educator globally for Reebok, SPRI, Schwinn, ActivMotion Bar and Total Gym. With 35 years in health, he is a much sought after speaker, trainer and program consultant and serves on the Industry Advisory Panel for American Council on Exercise. Robert has contributed articles to Self, Shape, Men’s Journal and Yoga Journal magazines and starred in 9 video titles. He holds a BA degree in business from the University of Maryland and is a Gold Certified Personal Trainer and Fitness Instructor by ACE, AFAA and ACSM. 

Connect with TrueBody
Follow TrueBody on Facebook and Instagram to stay up-to-date! 

Partner Spotlight: CrossFit Lorton

Partner Spotlight: CrossFit Lorton

By: Christine Bean

This week, we sat down with Shan Hawkins and Hanna Wardlaw, owners of CrossFit Lorton, to learn about their passion for helping others live a healthy lifestyle, and how MightyMeals is a key piece to that puzzle.

How did CrossFit Lorton get its start?

Shan: CrossFit Lorton itself has been around since 2008.  I’ve been a member for 3 years and Hanna has been a member for about 8 years.  We both have a love for CrossFit and fitness in general. Hanna founded Macros and Muscles Nutrition, so she really has a passion for this. Crossfit Lorton is where we met in 2016, and we’ve been best friends ever since. The owner actually approached Hanna and jokingly asked if she would want to buy the business.  I’m so glad that we decided to give it a shot (and a little bit of a facelift before reopening!)

What makes Crossfit Lorton unique?

Shan:  Honestly, Hanna’s passion for wanting to see people improve their fitness and live a healthier lifestyle.  We both feel that way, but Hanna really has the passion behind it, which drives the business. I’m the one who carries the toolbelt around.  

Hannah: With my nutrition company, my goal for my clients has always been “total body wellness.”  We don’t just hand out the macro numbers and leave people high and dry, we really focus on how the body works.  I came to CrossFit Lorton during a very emotional time in my life. It was my hour of happiness, and I really want that for all of our members. 

How did you get connected to MightyMeals?

Shan: MightyMeals has been a part of CrossFit Lorton before we became the new owners.  We both personally use, and love, MightyMeals. I am active duty military, traveling all over the country, and my go-to when I am out-of-town is to find a meal prep service. Truthfully, MightyMeals has the best meals I have tried, anywhere.  I have traveled from East Coast to West Coast! We love having the ability to bulk order, and I also personally appreciate that I can click the gluten free button on the website, because my son has Celiac.

How does MightyMeals benefit your members?

Hanna: The simple fact that these meals are healthy, high-quality, and readily available is what makes MightyMeals beneficial to our members. The website is super user-friendly, and it is very easy to order the meals.  The bulk food option is convenient and cost effective for food prep, you can’t even compare the cost for most of these ingredients! The macros are listed too, which is a huge plus.

Grassfed Beef Lasagna*

What is your favorite MightyMeal?

Hanna: Shan says he can’t choose a favorite because everything is amazing! But, for me it’s easy… the Grassfed Beef Lasagna 

About Shan Hawkins and Hanna Wardlaw

Hanna became a member of Crossfit Lorton in 2011 and instantly fell in love with the sport and the competitive style of every workout. In 2016, Shan was stationed in Virginia; he tried Crossfit Lorton and right away loved the atmosphere. Both being extremely competitive in nature, Shan and Hanna instantly formed an incredible workout group through Lorton that holds strong to this day. Shan joined Macros and Muscles Nutrition as a coach, which Hanna is partial owner of and they continued spreading their passion for health and nutrition to as many people as they could. In August of this year, they decided to take over Crossfit Lorton together. Both have the strong desire their box needs to be a place for anyone to come and spend the best hour of their day. CrossFit Lorton is a place to let go of all worries and fears, and where a community waits for its members with open arms.

Partner Spotlight: Composition ID

Partner Spotlight: Composition ID

By: Christine Bean

This week, we caught-up with Rafi Aldajani, Managing Partner of Composition ID in Arlington, VA, to hear more about their science-based approach to improving health and fitness, and how MightyMeals has become a vital part of their clients’ nutrition plans.

How did Composition ID get its start?

Rafi: Tiffany Harlan founded Composition ID in 2014. The flagship location in DC, which is now our headquarters.  I am her business partner at the latest location in Arlington, Virginia, which opened in November of 2018. Composition ID also has locations in Bethesda and Baltimore, as well as a partnership in Houston. Tiffany holds a degree in Kinesiology from University of Maryland, as well as nutrition and personal training certifications and through her training and studies, Tiffany realized the importance of science and data when it comes to a person’s body composition, specifically in terms of establishing a baseline and setting goals. The outdated measure of calculating your body composition is the scale; have you lost weight or gained weight? But that gives you an incomplete picture of your body composition. The optimal goal is to have low body fat and high lean muscle mass. At Composition ID we empower our clients with data to ensure that they are achieving the results that they set out to accomplish.

What makes Composition ID unique?

Rafi: We are one of the few places in the DC metro area that has a DEXA scan machine, which is the most accurate measurement tool of body composition on the market today. We are also the only business in DC with a mobile DEXA ‘ScanVan’ which we regularly take to gyms to scan their members on site. DEXA gives you information on your body fat, lean muscle mass, bone density, and your visceral fat, which is the deep abdominal fat that surrounds your vital organs.  Not only does it give you that info based on your overall numbers, it breaks it down by body part based on percentage and pounds. This is important because there are many other body composition tools that claim to measure your body composition accurately, like ‘stand-on’ or hand-held scales but they are wildly inaccurate and can vary by 5-15%. If you’re measuring based on faulty data, that can really send you down the wrong direction in terms of decisions regarding diet and training. I chose to invest in this company because we believe in a very hands-on and personal touch with all our clients. We take time to sit down with everyone and go over their reports in detail and stay in touch with follow-ups  to make sure everyone is hitting their goals. We really want them to know we care, and we aim to build a long term relationship with our clients. We also offer corporate wellness consulting, nutrition coaching, resting metabolic rate testing, (how many calories your body burns within a 24-hour period,) and we hold monthly seminars where we have local, like-minded businesses bring someone in to talk about what they do and how it may be beneficial to add-in their services to your overall nutrition and fitness program. 

How did you get connected to MightyMeals?

Rafi: I was connected to MightyMeals co-owner, Dan Graziano, through our CEO Tiffany. When I discovered how delicious the meals were, I was hooked. I was definitely eating MightyMeals 6 days per week at one point! 

How does MightyMeals benefit your members?

Rafi: Well, a large part of what we do at Composition ID is nutrition coaching.  We sit down with our clients and do a detailed analysis of their current nutrition habits, and based on that combined with the results of their Resting Metabolic Rate test, we completely revamp their diet. We suggest how many calories they should consume each day, and what the breakdown of macronutrients (carbs, fats, and proteins) should look like.  MightyMeals is very beneficial during this process because it eliminates the guesswork for our clients. The ordering process couldn’t be easier; you just follow your suggested macro program and order within those guidelines. Most people don’t have the time in their busy schedules to meal prep on Sundays for the week. It makes it so easy on our end, and it has become a vital component of a nutrition program. 

What is your favorite MightyMeal dish?

Rafi: Oh, most definitely the Rotini & Grassfed Beef Bolognese… not ashamed to say the container looks licked clean when I’m done!

About Rafi Aldajani:

Rafi Aldajani is a Managing Partner at Composition ID/Arlington. Rafi is certified in nutrition coaching and personal training. He works closely with Composition ID clients to achieve their body composition change goals, from conducting extensive testing to determine current body composition and metabolic rate, to consulting/coaching on changing and maximizing nutrition and training. The two key components to Rafi’s philosophy are applying discipline and consistency to the latest body composition testing, nutrition and training techniques in order to blast-through one’s goals. 

Connect with Composition ID

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Partner Spotlight: NPC Max Muscle Virginia (MMVANPC)

Partner Spotlight: NPC Max Muscle Virginia (MMVANPC)

By: Tiffany Anzalone McCasland

We recently sat down with two inspiring ladies, Corry Matthews, IFBB PRO and Stacia D. Kelly, PHD who run National Physique Committee (NPC) Max Muscle Virginia, the only bodybuilding competitions with two female promoters! 

How did NPC Max Muscle Virginia get its start?    

Our first show was in 2011. My dream had always been to have my very own NPC show. I applied for about two years before getting accepted. And once I did, I knew I needed help and reached out to Stacia, who I knew from the Chamber as another woman who loved competing and was really savvy when it came to marketing. And that was how it all began. We eventually were offered a second show and ran with it. Last year, we were thrilled to be granted at 3rd show, which became our first Natural show. We truly love helping the athletes and providing a great show that allows them to showcase all their hard work. 

What makes the NPC Max Muscle Virginia unique?

Our shows stand out for a few specific reasons. First, we are one of the only shows with two female promoters! In this male-dominated industry that is huge! Second, we go above and beyond for our athletes. We offer a stage preview (basically a dress rehearsal for the show), a mobile app that has all the competitors bios and pictures, and we also are the founders of So You Want to Compete which is dedicated to helping new competitors get started and veteran competitors help others. We are also known for unique trophies (example: rose cupcake bouquet for our overalls, custom tridents for our Clash of the Titan Show, hand painted canvas for our First Responders). We also offer “free” registration classes for our first responders and armed forces members with the paid registration for any other class. And, of course, a full photo package is included with registration for all our shows.  No more taking photos during the show, your fans can watch and enjoy.

How did you get connected to MightyMeals? 

Corry own’s a Max Muscle Nutrition store and Dan Graziano came in one day and introduced himself! We immediately knew there was synergy in a partnership.  

How does MightyMeals benefit you and your business? 

Our competitors are always looking for an easy way to survive their prep! Partnering with a food prep company allows that. We also love having the food for all the people attending the show. MightyMeals is donating gift cards for the 10 winners’ baskets and will have a table to serve food samples and selling meals on site at the show as well. It is awesome – we love MightyMeals and the fact that anyone can get a super healthy meal on the go.  

And we just learned one more exciting detail…Mighty Meals will be providing a gift card to the trainer that brings the highest number of competitors to the show. Coaches need to eat too 🙂

Lemon Pepper Bistro Steak & Brussels Sprouts w/Bacon*

What is your favorite MightyMeals dish? 

Anything with their steak. 🙂 The Lemon Pepper Bistro Steak & Brussels Sprouts w/ Bacon is so good! 


About NPC Max Muscle VA Shows: Home of 3 of the largest NPC Bodybuilding shows in Virginia: NPC Max Muscle Virginia Classic (bodybuilding & fitness show), the NPC Virginia Natural and the NPC Mid-Atlantic Open, Armed Forces, and the NPC VA State Show. 

Close out your NPC season with the largest show in VA on Nov 9: The NPC Max Muscle Mid-Atlantic Open, Armed Forces & the NPC VA State Show! Register now and fill out your registration form. Follow NPC Max Muscle on Facebook & Instagram! And if you have any questions about the show email Corry and Stacia at: [email protected]

About Corry Matthews, IFBB PRO: Corry Matthews has been: “Inspiring and motivating individuals to achieve their dreams through building healthier bodies” since 1998.  She is a professional athlete with the IFBB. Corry is the CEFO of Strength & Grace Fitness, Co-Promoter of the NPC Max Muscle Virignia shows in Virginia, and Co-Founder of the So You Want to Compete program.  She also owns a Max Muscle nutrition store in Springfield, VA and co-authored the book 9 Months In 9 Months Out, a holistic approach to pregnancy.

Her work has been featured in numerous print and broadcast media outlets including:  News & Messenger, NBC News Channel 4, News Channel 8, Body Fitness Magazine (UK), Flex, Max Sport and Fitness, and Oxygen

About Stacia D. Kelly, PHD: Stacia is a martial artist and self defense instructor. She earned her PhD in Holistic Health and helps professional athletes (and those just starting out) with their fitness, nutrition and mental conditioning. Stacia is the CIIO of Strength & Grace Fitness, Co-Promoter of the NPC Max Muscle Virignia shows in Virginia, and Co-Founder of the So You Want to Compete program.She is also the co-author of “9 Months In ~ 9 Months Out” as well as the Amazon Best Seller, “Slim, Fit, Happy You”. Stacia has appeared on the Dr. Oz show and recently did an interview with Convocation Radio.

How to Fuel Up for the VIDA Thrive 5K

How to Fuel Up for the VIDA Thrive 5K

By: Addie Claire Merletti, MS, RD, CSCS

What we eat before and after we exercise is extremely dependent on our individual digestive tracts, sleep habits, and performance goals. I’ll first share what the research states for 5K training and race fueling, and then some suggestions for actual meals and snacks to use before and after. Since we’re talking about a 5K, which takes most folks less than an hour, we don’t need to worry about intra-workout food or fuel.


Our brains and muscles all run on glucose. Glucose is sugar. In a world where carbs are almost socially unacceptable, I know this is scary, but the research supports carbohydrate intake before a race to optimize performance. What this looks like depends on time of day and your body, but in general, about 30-60 grams of carbohydrate will do the trick here. You want to limit fiber and fat as the whole point is to get that glucose to your muscles quickly, and those things will slow it down. They will also have you sprinting for the porta potties.

Many people tell me that they run faster on an empty stomach, or that if they eat before they’ll feel sick. You know your body best, so if you don’t want to eat before a 5K, you certainly don’t need to. Limiting fiber and fat, and spacing the food about an hour from the race start will definitely help with feeling sick. 

Spinach & Mushroom Egg White Bites w/ Sweet Potatoes

Here are some pre-race ideas for a morning race:


For recovery, you want to focus on protein with servings of carbohydrate and fat. Most people need about 20-50 grams of protein after a workout, and optimally would get it within an hour of finishing. It’s important to keep in mind that no matter your goals, running a race is not an excuse to go all YOLO on your meals for the rest of the day. Even if you’re working on gaining lean mass, I’d be willing to bet that bottomless brunch followed by pizza & ice cream is probably not “on the plan.” 

MightyMeals Western Omelet

Here are some post-race ideas:

Register today for the VIDA Fitness 5K on October 12 and use code mighty19 for $5 off! 


Meet Addie Claire Merletti, MS, RD, CSCS
AC is originally from Charlotte, NC and got her Bachelor’s degree in both psychology and Spanish at UNC Chapel Hill. She worked in community mental health before going back for her Master’s in Nutrition at Meredith College in Raleigh, NC. AC fell in love with sports nutrition while working with the dietitians at Notre Dame University during her intern year. She feels passionately about using balanced nutrition to support a balanced life, and enjoys helping people use food as a tool to bust through plateaus and hit their goals! Addie is always down to try a new workout and absolutely loves to cook and try new foods. She can make lots of fancy dishes, but her favorite food is anything that resembles PB&J. AC is one of four VIDA Fitness Registered Dietitians.
AC’s favorite MightyMeal is the Basil Pesto Chicken & Orzo.

About VIDA Fitness: VIDA is a premiere health and wellness club comprised of six locations all throughout Washington DC. Our gyms boast state-of-art equipment, and uniquely designed spaces to make your workouts both efficient & productive. We offer a wide array of group fitness classes and personal training options to ensure that everyone is comfortable and supported in achieving their fitness goals. VIDA is all about creating community, and making sure everyone who walks in our doors feels like they are part of our family. Please email [email protected] if you’re interested in learning more about our nutritional counseling services. Connect with VIDA on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

How to Have a Mighty Weekend

How to Have a Mighty Weekend

MightyMeals Adds Second Delivery Day

By: Tiffany Anzalone McCasland 

Photo Credit: Instagram.com/cartergood

Does this sound familiar? You start the week strong, never missing a Monday workout and by Friday afternoon you are throwing back drinks at happy hour which leads to late night pizza. You spend all week being “good” and focusing on your fitness goals, eating your MightyMeals and then Friday comes and BOOM, sabotage. 

All week I stay on track with my MightyMeals, but by Friday my meals are gone and I have to make it to Monday to pickup my next order at TrueBody in Bethesda, Maryland. Not any more, y’all! MightyMeals is now delivering meals TWICE A WEEK!! Starting October 4th you can order for pickup or delivery on both Sunday and Thursday! No more weekend excuses! No more canceling out all my hard work throughout the week! 

Here’s How it Works

You’ll still need to place your order for Sunday pickup and delivery by Thursday at 11:59pm. Since MightyMeals is adding a second delivery day you can place an order for Thursday pickup or delivery by 11:59pm on Monday! FRESH MightyMeals ALL WEEKEND LONG!! ***Happy Dance****

Spinach and Mushroom Egg White Bites

You guys – I repeat – You can NOW get your MightyMeals TWICE A WEEK! So in addition to stocking up your fridge with MightyMeals, here are a few other tips to stay on track through the weekend: 

  1. Eat a healthy breakfast! This is one of my favorite tips for any day of the week! A healthy breakfast sets the foundation for the rest of the day. Eating breakfast starts your metabolism and helps to control your appetite all day. Add these delicious breakfast MightyMeals to your next order: Spinach and Mushroom Egg White Bites, Low Carb Breakfast or the Western Omelet. Having these in your fridge will ensure you start the weekend off right! 

  2. Workout! Go to a new exercise class or go on a hike. Just move your body! 
  3. Don’t skip meals! MightyMeals are awesome because you can just grab them and go! Often I eat mine cold in the car or at a picnic. The Bruschetta Chicken and the Low Carb Bulgogi are great cold when I am out and about all weekend long. 
  4. Keep up with your water intake! It’s recommended that you drink at least half your body weight in ounces of water. Drinking water keeps you full and boost your metabolic rate. I try to aim for 120oz of water a day! Plus all that walking to and from the bathroom to pee will for sure get you to 10,000 steps! 🙂 
  5. Think about how good you’ll feel on Monday when you didn’t sabotage the whole weekend! Try to wait until Sunday (or even Saturday night) to have your “whatever you want meal”! It’s much harder eating whatever you want on Friday night then trying to stay on track all Saturday & Sunday! 
Turkey Taco Bowl

Be a Weekend Warrior with me and and order your MightyMeals by 11:59pm on Monday for delivery on Thursday! You can do it!

Tiffany’s Favorite MightyMeal: I love the Low Carb Bulgogi and the Turkey Taco Bowl!

About Tiffany Anzalone McCasland: Tiffany Anzalone McCasland is an award-winning strategic communications and marketing consultant. She is the founder of Angelle Media, a strategic communications consultancy with clients that include start-ups, nonprofits, government agencies, associations, real estate, and small businesses in the restaurant, health care and fitness industries. Her expertise includes a powerful mix of internal and external communications, digital strategy, content marketing, brand identity, website development, design and public relations. Tiffany prides herself on being a visionary branding expert who is passionate about creating strategic storytelling that captivates audiences and provokes interactions. She has a Master’s in Mass Communications from Louisiana State University and a Bachelor of Arts from Boston College. She resides in Washington, DC with her husband and son.

InquisIT: Disrupting the Norm in Employee Wellness

InquisIT: Disrupting the Norm in Employee Wellness

By: Christine Bean    

We recently caught up with Mike McDermott, President of InquisIT, to learn more about their delicious workplace wellness benefit of offering free MightyMeals lunches to all employees, keeping their staff healthy, satisfied, and motivated!

How did InquisIT get its start?
Mike: At InquisIT, we partner with the government as the federal marketplace’s “go-to” company in implementing strategic and innovative technology solutions. I was brought into the company to help mature the business and make some key culture changes within our already well-established foundation of employee care. I’m a big believer in good commercial business strategies, as well as thinking of employees and their needs as people, versus focusing exclusively on their career. The adage, “It’s not personal, it’s just business,” is garbage. I believe that the best businesses are those in which you feel connected.

What makes InquisIT unique?
Mike: InquisIT is committed to changing the status quo.  Our taglines, “Disrupt the Norm,” and “Transforming the Business of Government,” embody the fact that we are truly trying to change an industry.  We have all heard the joke, “80% is good enough for government,” and we see our friends bounce from company to company feeling there is little change within any organization around the beltway.  I firmly believe that this is something that needs to change! This is our tax money at work, and these agencies’ missions affect the American public. There is a serious trend toward the middle; mediocrity is a widely accepted status and we refuse to toe that line. At InquisIT, we believe we can be the catalyst to this change by following a few important principles that we hire-on and fire-on defined in our Credo. We simply take good business principles and we bring them into the federal space. We have a unique work environment, and it is not uncommon to see employees wearing jeans with a sport coat and sneakers. We focus on performance and results. Another unique thing I do, personally, are my “Truck Talks” on LinkedIn.  I post a video once or twice each week from my truck, and it is just another way for us to connect with our customers on a more personal level.

How did you get connected to MightyMeals?
Mike: I believe physical health is incredibly important and stay fit. As a former Marine, rugby player, and amateur bodybuilder I actually discovered MightyMeals, while doing a lot of CrossFit and focusing on eating healthy. There are not many healthy food options near our office building, and we understand everyone’s lives are busy in addition to the level of expectations we have in creating a thriving and fast-growing organization. I started to use MightyMeals personally and was hooked; loved the food but also loved that they were a local start-up. I contacted MightyMeals’ founder Dan Graziano out of the blue to inquire about meals for our employees, and the rest is history. They have been fantastic to work with for the past year or so, and our employees are happily eating a healthy and delicious lunch every day. I believe in having a healthy workforce; when you are taking care of people, it’s not about giving them a couple of decent benefits, it’s about taking care of them as holistically as possible.

How does MightyMeals benefit your employees?
Mike: InquisIT buys all of the meals to serve as lunches for our employees here at our headquarters. It is a very seamless process with MightyMeals; we purchase a set number of meals per week, and they invoice us monthly. We buy about 50-60 meals per week; this way if there are leftovers available each week, we freeze them and encourage employees to take them home for dinners. Most office wellness programs are BS, but we feel that if you worry about what people eat and help facilitate movement and exercise, then it will improve the wellness of your workforce overall. Our employees love that lunch is free and available for them without having to leave the office. Younger employees who are strapped for cash especially feel that this is a nice perk. MightyMeals gives them a daily healthy food option and the ability to get together in the office, eat lunch, and socialize as a break in the day. Most days you will find several people with MightyMeals in our kitchen talking and laughing together at lunch. We believe that in order to accomplish our goals as an organization, we need to have a “community feel” and be healthy in mind and body.

What is your favorite MightyMeals dish?

Mike: I’m a big fan of the Chicken Fajita Bowl!

About Mike McDermott: Mike McDermott serves as President of InquisIT and Managing Member of Leadership Ignited. He coaches leaders, organizations, and is responsible for advancing InquisIT by defining corporate strategy and being the driving force behind marketing and contract operations. In his first 12 months with InquisIT, Mr. McDermott substantially increased profitability and won over $28 Million in new contracts growing the company by nearly 40%. In three years he has led over $65 Million in total sales.

Prior to Leadership Ignited and InquisIT, Mr. McDermott was CEO of ATA LLC, a data analytics, program, and intelligence support firm. During his tenure there, Mr. McDermott achieved 20% growth as well as attained new GSA schedules positioning the company to propose on increased federal opportunities.

Prior to ATA, Mr. McDermott was President of Phacil. There, Mr. McDermott started as the 4th employee and left over 11 years later with the title of President and revenues of nearly $150 Million. His responsibilities spanned oversight of headquarter operations, contract operations, and Business Development and Marketing. Mr. McDermott was an instrumental part of the team in Phacil becoming one of the fastest growing and most profitable government contracting firms.

Mr. McDermott had multiple technical and program management roles prior to executive leadership to include with Titan Systems, Carley Corporation, and Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC). Mr. McDermott was an enlisted Marine working in Signals Intelligence Communications and Security with tours in Guantanamo Bay, Camp Lejeune and Headquarters Marine Corps.

In his leisure time, Mike is a family man, competitive bodybuilder, and tours the country on motorcycles.

Connect with InquisIT

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Are you interested in incorporating MightyMeals into your workplace wellness program? Shoot us an email at [email protected] to learn more!

MightyMeals Founders Speak at AARP Innovation Labs Event

MightyMeals Founders Speak at AARP Innovation Labs Event

By: Tiffany Anzalone McCasland

On Tuesday, August 27, our MightyMeals Founders, Dan Graziano, Chef Stefano Marzano and Alex Lebonnite spoke at the AARP Innovation Labs

Located in the heart of DC at the Hatchery, the AARP Innovation Lab is a quarterly Innovation Event Series that highlights companies that are changing the world of health and fitness. AARP is committed to supporting the Washington, D.C., region’s thriving entrepreneurial community, driving economic development and creating bold services, products and solutions for people 50-plus.

The event started with a 45 minute networking session with food catered by MightyMeals. Then Coach G of SWEAT DC lead attendees through a series of exercises to kick-off the event. As DC’s leading boutique HIIT studio, SWEAT DC is known for its signature 45 minute high intensity core-cardio-strength classes paired with high energy instructors, exhilarating club lighting, and heart-pumping playlists. 

The event continued with an “Intimate Conversation with MightyMeals” co-founders. A moderator posed questions and directed the conversation. 

Questions included: 

  • “Who is the real foodie out of the 3 of you?” (Stefano)
  • “What are some of your biggest mistakes while building MightyMeals?”
  • “What’s next in the food preparation world?” 

The AARP Innovation Labs hosts the event quarterly to bring the brightest innovators and enthusiasts to talk about their journey, key lessons, bright ideas and tricks up their sleeve. Be on the look-out for more events at AARP’s Innovation Lab. The events are a unique opportunity to engage with thought leaders, share experiences and network with insightful entrepreneurs. AARP works with startups and are actively building transformational products and services in the lab to empower people to choose how they live as they age. 

About AARP

AARP is the nation’s largest nonprofit, nonpartisan organization dedicated to empowering people 50 and older to choose how they live as they age. With a nationwide presence and nearly 38 million members, AARP strengthens communities and advocates for what matters most to families: health security, financial stability and personal fulfillment. AARP also produces the nation’s largest circulation publications: AARP The Magazine and AARP Bulletin. To learn more, visit www.aarp.org or follow @AARP and @AARPadvocates on social media.

Partner Spotlight: Ballston CrossFit

Partner Spotlight: Ballston CrossFit

This week, we caught up with Tucker Jones, owner of Ballston CrossFit, to learn more about what sets them apart, and how MightyMeals makes mealtime quick and simple for their athletes!

How did Ballston CrossFit get its start?

Tucker: We opened Ballston CrossFit in February 2012.  I had fallen in love with CrossFit and really wanted to take an entrepreneurial jump to open my own business and break away from my career in corporate America. I have always strived to live a healthy and fun-filled life; (pura vida!) living life to the fullest every day. It made me feel extremely excited to be able to share a healthy lifestyle with others while doing a job that I love.

What makes Ballston CrossFit unique?

Tucker: One thing that really differentiates us is the coaching team’s constant pursuit of excellence, and the overall quality of the coaching staff. We have 14 coaches on staff who have a CrossFit Level 2 certification, in addition to many others. Another thing that is unique about us, is that we have two hashtags that we frequently use on social media. We have ten couples getting married soon that met at our gym, so our most popular hashtag is #BCFLoveMachine.  After that became a huge success, our members came up with #BCFFriendshipMachine, because it is truly a place where people have had their community of friends widened, and bonds strengthened, thanks to our gym. Another cool thing that we do is a free, monthly workout called “Faith and Fitness Arlington.” This is an opportunity for the local community to participate in a free, fun, and challenging workout followed by a faith discussion and a delicious meal at a local restaurant. Our most recent meet-up had 55 participants and is continuing to grow. Another thing that sets us apart is that we have received five awards over the past few years for being one of the top gyms in the DMV, and we have won the “Best of NOVA” award each year since 2017.  I strive to run the best CrossFit gym in the D.C. area, but could not do it without the support of my incredible management and coaching team, as well as our awesome community of members. 

What connected you to MightyMeals?

Tucker: MightyMeals reached out to us, and while we already had another meal delivery service at the gym, we decided that it would be great to give our members more variety and the ability to choose between two different menus. MightyMeals has done an awesome job of expanding their menu over time. Our members love the food and the ease being able to place their orders and pick-up their healthy, prepared meals when they leave the gym. 

How does MightyMeals benefit your members?

Tucker: The biggest benefit is convenience.  Everyone in D.C. has pretty hard-charging jobs with limited free-time to meal prep, so our members definitely love the convenience of being able to quickly pick up their meals and know that what they’re eating will help them to reach their fitness goals. Some of my members are really focused on the macros, and love the ability to build their own meals using the bulk food items. 

What is your favorite MightyMeals dish?

Tucker: My favorite meal is definitely the Caribbean Jerk Salmon. I’m also a big fan of the classic Steak and Basics! For breakfast, my go-to is always the Western Omelet.   

About Tucker Jones: 

As the owner and head coach at Ballston CrossFit and CrossFit Route 7, Tucker is truly living his dream of owning businesses that he is passionate about! In February 2012, Tucker opened Ballston CrossFit, and they now have around 350 members. When he got the opportunity to open CrossFit Route 7 in January of 2015, he was extremely excited to be able to share a healthy lifestyle with even more people. 

As a competitive national-level tennis player, including a member of James Madison University’s (JMU) Division 1 Varsity Tennis, Tucker learned how to train hard and get results. After graduating from JMU, he continued to pursue athletic achievements and adventure sports (one of his favorite races was the XTERRA National Championships in Lake Tahoe, NV against some of the country’s top off-road triathletes). In late 2009, Tucker found CrossFit and it totally transformed his approach to fitness, in an incredibly positive way! Now in his 40’s, the incredible results from CrossFit continue to allow Tucker to improve his overall fitness. 

When he’s not at Ballston CrossFit or CrossFit Route 7, you can find Tucker mountain biking, playing floor hockey, boosting air on the kiteboard or wakeboard, hanging out with friends, or backpacking around the world. Be sure to ask him about great places to go on your next international adventure!

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AC’s Chicken Nicoise Salad

AC’s Chicken Nicoise Salad

By: Addie Claire Merletti, MS, RD, CSCS

Chicken Nicoise Salad makes eating what’s good for you easy! Incorporating MightyMeals’ bulk menu items makes it down right simple! Enjoy! 

Servings: 6 


  • 2 lbs MightyMeals bulk chicken
  • 1 lb MightyMeals bulk green beans
  • 1 quart cherry tomatoes
  • Olive oil cooking spray
  • 1.5 tbsp, divided dry herb blend with salt (I use this one)
  • 2 lbs small potatoes (new, fingerling, tiny purple)
  • Olives, optional to taste
  • Hard boiled eggs, optional to taste
  • 4 tbsp lemon juice
  • 3 tbsp white wine vinegar
  • 1 tbsp Dijon
  • ½ tsp salt
  • ¼ tsp pepper
  • 4 tbsp olive oil


  1. Roast potatoes: preheat oven to 450. Wash and half or quarter potatoes; whatever it takes to make them bite-sized. Line a baking sheet with foil and add potatoes. Spray with olive oil spray, add ½ tbsp (1.5 tsp) herb blend with salt, and toss to coat. Bake for 35 minutes.
  2. While potatoes are roasting, cut all the tomatoes in half and cut the green beans into bite-sized pieces. 
  3. Make your dressing: whisk the lemon juice, vinegar, Dijon, salt, pepper and 1 tbsp of the herb blend. Slowly add olive oil and whisk to blend. 
  4. If you’re making this for weekday lunches, assemble the salads in divided containers. Put the chicken, green beans and potatoes on one side and the tomatoes, olives and eggs on the other. Put 2 tbsp of the dressing in it’s own container.
  5. If you’re making it to eat at home, assemble as shown in picture. Put all leftovers in separate containers and you’ve got an at-home salad bar!

Per Serving (with ¼ cup olives and 1 HB egg and dressing):

Calories: 453
Protein: 43
Carbs: 23
Fiber: 6
Fat: 21

Meet Addie Claire Merletti, MS, RD, CSCS

AC is originally from Charlotte, NC and got her Bachelor’s degree in both psychology and Spanish at UNC Chapel Hill. She worked in community mental health before going back for her Master’s in Nutrition at Meredith College in Raleigh, NC. AC fell in love with sports nutrition while working with the dietitians at Notre Dame University during her intern year. She feels passionately about using balanced nutrition to support a balanced life, and enjoys helping people use food as a tool to bust through plateaus and hit their goals! Addie is always down to try a new workout and absolutely loves to cook and try new foods. She can make lots of fancy dishes, but her favorite food is anything that resembles PB&J. AC is one of four VIDA Fitness Registered Dietitians. 

AC’s favorite MightyMeal is the Basil Pesto Chicken & Orzo

About VIDA Fitness: VIDA is a premiere health and wellness club comprised of six locations all throughout Washington DC. Our gyms boast state-of-art equipment, and uniquely designed spaces to make your workouts both efficient & productive. We offer a wide array of group fitness classes and personal training options to ensure that everyone is comfortable and supported in achieving their fitness goals. VIDA is all about creating community, and making sure everyone who walks in our doors feels like they are part of our family. Please email [email protected] if you’re interested in learning more about our nutritional counseling services. Connect with VIDA on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.